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BPSD Minutes

(Bear Paw Service District)

​Past Bear Paw Meeting Minutes

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BPSD is your Bear Paw Service District

This is a special tax district that was created to maintain and manage all of Bear Paw's assets*. You pay your Bear Paw tax every year and those funds are sent to the BPSD.  The BPSD has a 7 person board you elect.  

  The board is required by law to budget  and account for all expenditures under strict state guidelines.

​*Assets include: Pool, Clubhouse, Guard house, tennis courts, play ground, your roads, grounds, security. 

Your Bear Paw Manager, Dennis Strand, is in charge of handling all the above. 

                             Office contact 828-644-0808  Mon-Thurs 10 am to 2pm

​   Call him for assistance with:  1. Building Permits 2. Zoning Issues 3. Mail boxes 4. Car Decals

 5. Pool Keys or 6. Report problems you may see i.e. trees in the road, broken step etc.

7. Situations at the gate/guards.