BPSD is required by North Carolina State Law to have 1 regular meeting a quarter open to BPSD members  per year and to operate under the sunshine laws of the state.

BPSD is your Bear Paw Service District

This is a special tax district that was created to maintain and manage all of Bear Paw's assets*. You pay your Bear Paw tax every year and those funds are sent to the BPSD.  The BPSD has a 7 person board you elect.  

  The board is required by law to budget  and account for all expenditures under strict state guidelines.

​*Assets include: Pool, Clubhouse, Guard house, tennis courts, play ground, your roads, grounds, security. 

Your Bear Paw Manager, Dennis Strand, is in charge of handling all the above. 

                                                          Office contact 828-644-0808  

   Winter hours  M-Th 10 am to 2pm

 Summer Hours M-F 8am to 4pm

​   Call him for assistance with:  1. Building Permits 2. Zoning Issues 3. Mail boxes 4. Car Decals

 5. Pool Keys or 6. Report problems you may see i.e. trees in the road, broken step etc.

7. Situations at the gate/guards.

Manager Monthly Report

BPSD Minutes

(Bear Paw Service District)

Bear Paw Service District

Manager’s Report: March 2019


No problems encountered since its closing in September or through the Winter.

New Home Construction

1 Home still under construction (White Cloud); 1 new on Highland.

Construction on Black Fox expected soon as construction contract finalized.


Mike and Loy, our new relief guard hires are doing well with positive feedback.


 Guards continue to require all commercial tree cutters entering BPSD report to the Office prior to going to the property to insure their knowledge of BPSD restrictions as well as to check on approval having been given to the homeowner(s).

Several locations have been given approval for tree removal in the past few months on Village, Highland and Ridgewood.


Extensive work done on the heating/AC during the Winter to fix the problem at the main unit and related issues with conduit and shut off valves.


Minimal repair work on roads has been done during the winter due to rain and temperatures. A cutting back of the trees hanging onto roads and back off the road to 10 feet is being done this month. 

Tennis Court

No issues encountered. New Squeeqie and court caddie to be added as well as a new bench.


Additional piece of equipment to be added in the Spring.


We had another hunting issue over the past weekend (hunter seen on homeowner land). Sheriff’s Dept. and Fish & Game contacted and involved without incident.