Bear Paw Service District
Calendar of Meetings

         Saturday, October 21, 2023 Regular

Saturday, March 23, 2024 Regular

Saturday May 4, 2024 Budget Public Hearing

Saturday, May 25, 2024 Regular and Budget Approval

Saturday, July 6, 2024 Organizational and Regular

 All Meetings will be held at 9 am at the Bear Paw Clubhouse located at 60 Village Rd. Murphy NC, 28906, unless otherwise posted.

BPPOA Meetings will be held after the BPSD Regular Meetings following a ten minute recess with the exception of the annual voting meeting.

 *Saturday May 25, 2024 BPPOA Annual Voting Meeting will be at the BP Clubhouse. Bear Paw Service District

                                             Bear Paw Service District Budget Hearing – May-13,2023

Linda Hughes called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Members present: Linda Hughes, Terry Miller, Tiffany Williams, Bart Hamburg, Bob Cowdrick

Members Absent: Stan Wise, David Elliott

Linda Hughes reviewed the meeting objective: to obtain input on budget. Questions not related to the budget were deferred to the appropriate future meeting.

Tiffany Williams solicited input on the budget.

Brenda Jarvis commented on the cost of the dumpster and if proper usage is not followed then not to continue with supplying a dumpster

Al Snaider commented on the roads budget and the need for the roads needing maintenance.

Betty Harvey asked where the actuals can be viewed, where the tree trimming is categorized, and the potential need to expand a road.

Steve Jones commented on roads and managing the budget considering inflation.

Announcements: May 27th, 2023 for the next BP Service District Meeting at 9am with the BP Property Owner meeting at 11:00 am.

Motion to adjourn – Tiffany Williams made a motion to adjourn, Bart Hamburg seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12am


Bob Cowdrick


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                                    May 27, 2023                                                           May 27, 2023

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The minutes must be approved by the board prior to posting.

Older BPSD meeting minutes are available upon request in the Bear Paw office.  

​​BPSD is your Bear Paw Service District

     This is a special tax district that was created to maintain and manage all of Bear Paws assets. You pay your Bear Paw tax every year and those funds are sent to BPSD. The BPSD has a 7 person board you elect.

The board is required by law to budget and account for all expenditures under strict state guidelines. 

-Meeting Dates and Minutes -

                                 Bear Paw Service District Quarterly Meeting – March 25, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Linda Hughes
Members present: Linda Hughes, Terry Miller, David Elliott (Phone), Tiffany Williams, Bart Hamburg, Stan Wise, Bob Cowdrick
Pledge of Allegiance

Bart Hamburg made a motion to approve the minutes of the 10/22/2022 Regular Meeting as amended written. Terry seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0.

Bart Hamburg made a motion to approve the minutes of the Special meeting of 03/04/2023 as written. Terry Miller seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0.


Tiffany Williams presented the financials as of March 23, 2023. $60,000 behind on tax income. If not collected may need to make changes.  Passed the audit report from last year. Change in direction to make amendments, made at the end of year, not quarterly.  Motion to nullify all previous amendments to budget. Bart motion, Stan second. Motion passed 7-0.

Old Business

Linda Hughes update on the pool. Two options, fix current pool or new pool. Not sure on 2023 season yet. 

No hunting signs installed and chain on easement. HVAC needs to be fixed, but not in the budget.  No tree trimming this year due to TVA and Tri-state work completed. Roads we have a final plan which will be adjusted based upon costs of pool & dumpster. Zoning – 9 builds in process, 1 approved, no CO’s, no violations, 12 tree requests for dangerous trees. 

Survey results for the questions about the pool were used in the special session. Helped in final decision on pool directions. Survey results will also be used to guide creation of 2023-2024 budget. 

Stan Wise asked about a summary of the survey for distribution. If the Board has time to summarize information that will be done.

New Business

Linda Hughes discussed garbage disposal at dumpsters are closing as of April 1st, 2023. Primary reasons are due to non-household items in the dumpsters. Bart reminded us that this effort was discussed 15 years ago, and now it is happening. One company will deliver a closed dumpster, with weekly pickup. $1600 per month for dumpster pickup and rental. Equates to under $5.00 per month per residence. Cameras will monitor the dumpster. Grade, gravel and fence in the burn area would be needed at an additional cost. If a residence has non-household trash materials, the company will remove it if resident contracts with them, but owner will still need to pay the county disposal fee. The Service District may need to modify budget or increase milage rate. 

Tiffany Williams recommended to increase milage and take appropriate action on properties with balances due in arrears.

Bart Hamburg discussed the potential milage rate increase for the pool and now for the dumpsters which will be considered for the budget.

Tiffany Williams made a motion that for a dumpster in a temporary location in the pool parking lot, with a final decision in a couple weeks. Terry Miller seconded.  The motion passed 7-0

Linda Hughes explained how the budget is created for the service district based on the By-Laws The board develops and proposes a budget in April. By two weeks prior to the budget meeting, the budget is posted outside the office and mailbox. Opportunity in the Service District for public input at the meeting, May 13th. After the meeting the Board considers the comments and the Board has a budget meeting at the end of May. 


Wayne Roberts – Why do the county owned sites gets free pickup and we don’t. Linda Hughes explained fee and taxes we pay are for having access to the collection sites, and not to pick-up the trash. 

Linda Jacobs – Sites for the dumpster. Reminded about the warming hut location. There may be a concrete pad at that location

Kim Stockard -Does the SD have reserve funds? Yes, the prior year’s fund balance funds exist. Does the SD have special assessment capability. Board can only access for roads.  Tiffany Williams remarked about using the assessment for Internet costs and was not approved.  

Mike Maul – One dumpster may not be enough. Mike talked to County about the pool and Mike is a contractor that does construction work.  Board needs to present to County what is needed to be done on any pool work for approval.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:47am Tiffany Williams motion. Terry Miller second. The motion passed 7-0.


Bob Cowdrick


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                                    May 27, 2023                                                           May 27, 2023

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*BPSD is required by North Carolina State Law to have 1 regular meeting a quarter open to BPSD members per year and to operate under the sunshine laws of the state.

                                               Bear Paw Service District Organizational Meeting July 1, 2023 

The meetng was called to order at 9:00 am by Mark Ackerman. 

Members Present: Mark Ackerman, John Stockard, Stan Wise, David Elliot, Bob Cowdrick, and Terry Miller 

Members Absent: Art Lecours 

Elec􀆟on of Officers 

Terry Miller made a mo􀆟on to approve the officers as follows: Art Lecours – Chairman, Mark Ackerman – Vice Chairman, John Stockard- Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Budget Officer, Bob Cowdrick – Secretary, David Elliot – Assistant Secretary, Stan Wise- Assistant Financial Officer, Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Budget Officer. Stan Wise seconded. Mo􀆟on passed 6-0. 

Approval of Scheduled Meetng 

Terry Miller made the mo􀆟on for the Bear Paw Service District calendar of mee􀆟ngs will be as follows: October 21, 2023, March 23, 2024, May 4, 2024, May 25, 2024, July 6, 2024. David Elliot seconded. Mo􀆟on passed 6-0. 

Approve Safe Deposit Entry 

Terry Miller made mo􀆟on that two of the three officers, the Chairman, the Financial Officer, and the Secretary, be required to enter the safe deposit box. David Elliot second. Mo􀆟on passed 6-0. 


Mark Ackerman made a mo􀆟on to adjourn the mee􀆟ng. John Stockard second. Mo􀆟on passed 6-0. 

Mee􀆟ng adjourned at 9:05 am 

Bear Paw Service District Quarterly Meeting July 1, 2023 

The mee􀆟ng was called to order at 9:06 a.m. by Mark Ackerman 

Members Present: Mark Ackerman, John Stockard, Stan Wise, David Elliot, Bob Cowdrick, and Terry Miller 

Members Absent: Art Lecours 

Pledge of Allegiance 

Approval of Prior Mee􀆟ng Minutes 

Bob Cowdrick reported on the mee􀆟ng minutes from May 27, 2023 mee􀆟ng and requested a mo􀆟on to accept. David Elliot made mo􀆟on to accept the minutes. Stan Wise seconded. The mo􀆟on passed 6-0. 

Board Transi􀆟on Update 

Mark Ackerman thanked the prior board and other residents who has helped with the transi􀆟on to the new board. 

Financial Update 

John Stockard reviewed the 2022-2023 Budget Amendment, 2023-2024 Financial Report, 2023-2024 Ini􀆟al Budget Amendment, and approved bank signatures. The budget has been approved by the county. Terry Miller, Art Lecours, John Stockard, and Lydia Kennedy will be account signers. All four will be bonded. Lydia is being added to streamline our process of check signing and John will be overseeing budget and balances on a scheduled basis. 

Stan Wise made a mo􀆟on to accept into the minutes for approval of the final 2022-2023 budget amendment, to transfer funds to the fixed asset account, and to transfer funds to prior year fund balance that were approved by email. David Elliot seconded. Mo􀆟on passed 6-0. 

Stan Wise commented on the prior budget with the financial condi􀆟on being very posi􀆟ve. 

Property Reports 

Pool: Mark Ackerman commented on the pool being open and every atempt is made to keep it open recognizing equipment failures and passing county inspec􀆟ons effect the efforts to keep it in opera􀆟on. Pump #2 and Filter#2 will need to be addressed in the future. 

Roads: Terry Miller commented on roads which look good. New gate cameras will be installed on July 3rd 2023. 

Security: Mark Ackerman commented that 7 burglaries occurred before Memorial Day. Cherokee detec􀆟ves are inves􀆟ga􀆟ng the case. Home cameras are recommended. 

Zoning: Stan Wise reported that two current infrac􀆟ons exist. Property owners have been informed. 

Property and Grounds: Mark Ackerman reported on the dumpsters. TVA no longer has offered the dumpsters a􀅌er a 30-day grace period. Mark, Linda Hughes, and Mary Maul met with the TVA about the dumpsters. TVA will allow us to use the property but will not fund the dumpsters. Mark encourages everyone that when the dumpsters are full to take their trash to Candy Mountain. A commitee with be formed to create a long-term plan for trash. 

Office Administra􀆟on: Bob Cowdrick reported on efforts that will be made to improve the office produc􀆟vity by evalua􀆟ng current roles and responsibili􀆟es, capital improvements on office equipment and evalua􀆟ng document storage op􀆟ons. 

Financial Management and Bookkeeping: John Stockard no addi􀆟onal comments than reported previously. 

Old Business: 

Website update: Mark Ackerman commented on working on upda􀆟ng the website. The Bear Paw website will be the communica􀆟ons tool and not social media. 


Michael Regan ques􀆟oned why the water situa􀆟on in not of a concern of the board. He suggested an organized effort to address the situa􀆟on. Al Snider spoke to Phil Murphy of Carolina Water who noted they are drilling wells but the volume is not sufficient. Linda Hughes reported in May 2023 the issue became present, the State of NC sets the rules and Carolina Water must follow the rules. Our charter is very specific on what can be done as a service district. 

Paul Bayer ques􀆟oned the internet situa􀆟on. Linda Hughes men􀆟oned Fron􀆟er has an interest in providing internet connec􀆟vity improvements. 


Mark Ackerman made a mo􀆟on to adjourn the mee􀆟ng. David Elliot seconded. Mo􀆟on passed 6-0 

Mee􀆟ng adjourned at 9:50 a.m. 


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