BPSD is your Bear Paw Service District

This is a special tax district that was created to maintain and manage all of Bear Paws assets. You pay your Bear Paw tax every year and those funds are sent to BPSD. The BPSD has a 7 person board you elect.

The board is required by law to budget and account for all expenditures under strict state guidelines. 

Bear Paw Service District
Calendar of Meetings

           Saturday July 3, 2021             Organizational Meeting

   Saturday Oct. 23, 2021              Regular Meeting 
*Saturday March 26, 2022         Regular Meeting 
  Saturday May 14, 2022               Budget Hearing
 Saturday May 28, 2022             Regular Meeting

 All Meetings will be held at 9 am at the Bear Paw Clubhouse located at 60 Village Rd. Murphy NC, 28906, unless otherwise posted.

BPPOA Meetings will be held after the BPSD Regular Meetings following a ten minute recess.
 *Saturday May 28, 2022 BPPOA Annual Meeting will be at 1 pm at the BP Clubhouse. Bear Paw Service District


2021-2022 FISCAL YEAR

*BPSD is required by North Carolina State Law to have 1 regular meeting a quarter open to BPSD members per year and to operate under the sunshine laws of the state.



BPSD Meeting Minutes Organizational Meeting
July 3rd, 2021

Directors Present: David Black, Bart Hamburg, Lydia Kennedy, Terry Miller, Tiffany Williams, Linda Hughes, and Jerry Pezzella.
Management Present: Mitch Price and Emily Bryant.

Call to Order: David Black called the meeting to order at 9:02am.
Election and installment of the 2021-2022 Board of Directors: At 9:03am Director Jerry Pezzella made a motion for the following individuals to be approved for the corresponding positions:
David Black – Chairman
Bart Hamburg – Vice Chairman
Lydia Kennedy – Finance Office, Treasurer, and Budget Officer
Tiffany Williams – Assistant Finance Officer, Assistant Treasurer, and Assistant Budget Officer Terry Miller – Secretary
Linda Hughes – Assistant Secretary
Jerry Pezzella remains as a Director until June 30th, 2022.
Lydia Kennedy seconded the motion. There being no objections, the motion carried.
9:05am: Director Jerry Pezzella made a motion to approve the schedule of meeting dates for the 2021- 2022 fiscal year. Assistant Secretary Linda Hughes seconded the motion. There being no objections, the motion carried.
9:07am: Director Jerry Pezzella made a motion that the following individuals be authorized to have access to the safe deposit box at BB&T bank. Only two of these individuals would be needed at any given time:
David Black – Chairman
Lydia Kennedy – Finance Officer Terry Miller – Secretary
Vice Chairman Bart Hamburg seconded the motion. There being no objections, the motion carried.
As there was no further business for the Organizational Meeting, Chairman David Black moved to adjourn the Organizational Meeting. Motion was seconded by Secretary Terry Miller and carried.
The Organizational Meeting adjourned at 9:09am.