Garbage Disposal

​May 8th Update

From Mike and Mary Maul Bear Paw Watch Face Book page post dated May 8th.

I hope this clears up the confusion. TVA is going to start having dumpsters picked up once per week.
I would like to also extend that TVA was not happy about construction material in dumpster and having to clean up people being disrespectful on not breaking down boxes along with leaving trash outside dumpsters due to cardboard taking up so much room and stuff falling out.
We need to buckle down and watch for anyone miss using the dumpsters before we loose. If your neighbor is not familiar with these new rules please make sure to pass on to them.

If anyone is replacing mattresses bedding etc any furniture place will take old if you purchase from them. You can also call J&J appliances to come get old appliances there number is 828 837 7923. These items are big and will take up a lot of room in dumpsters and your neighbors will not have room for there stuff. Please call these places before you put into dumpsters.
Dumpster update.
Open dumpster
Contents allowed.
  appliances allowed NO refrigerators
Grills NO gas cylinders
Mattresses and box springs
Someone replacing a cabinet and or a sink. Okay
NOT a full kitchen/bathroom
Nothing hazardous…. Like paint cans, brick cleaners etc.
Closed dumpster Household garbage only, cardboard boxes broken down.
Maybe board can post sign at guard house about construction materials for all contractors and or home owners not to use dumpsters but to either get there own dumpster or take to landfill.

Mike and Mary Maul Bear Paw Watch Face Book page post dated April 6th.

FYI. Was visited today by TVA and they
got gravel on road and trash dumpster has been delivered.
He asked that everyone please make sure all trash is in dumpsters and no construction materials.
They are also bring in another dumpster for large items and asked for no hazardous materials or construction materials. This container can be used for chairs, floats if anyone cleans there coves from lake and other stuff.
Anyone having questions please don’t hesitate to ask me if I don’t have answers for you I can get.
TVA is saving all of us money from not having to drive to Candy Mtn or to marble landfill.



April 6th Update
Update on the status of the pool.

The Bear Paw Service District had a leak detection  company come to inspect the pool. They found four (4)  leaks in the pool. These leaks were patched, and the patching process was approved by the Cherokee County Health department.

We also had a pool repair company come to provide us with options of what could be done, if we had the major repairs to the pool structure, that were needed. We had a good discussion and learned a lot, but at this time we are not pursuing any major changes to the pool structure itself. As long as the patches performed by the leak company hold, no major pool structural repairs are warranted.

While this does not alleviate all of the issues with the pool, we are hopeful that this  solves quite a few of the issues discussed at the Board Special Session. We will have repairs to make in the pump room and other areas of the pool and are working to get them all done as fast as possible.