**​Other Cherokee County Dumpster sights:

This was shared with us from one of one of our property owners, Brenda.

“When I contacted the county for info on Candy Mountain, they also told me about 2 sites that are open 24/7. These are manned when they have staff and camera monitored otherwise.

Maybe this information can be added to the Candy Mountain info on our website.

9275 US 64 near Mountain Folk Center. (As you leave Bear Paw on 294, turn right, travel 1.3 miles, make a U turn)

Caney creek recycling, 320 Old Murphy Rd, behind Logan's Run thrift store."

Thanks for sharing Brenda

BPSD Dumpster Update Sept. 9, 2023

Located on  Hwy 294 and Candy Mountain Rd.


Bear Paw Service District will no longer provide the dumpster service for the community effective October1, 2023.  This decision has been made due to the high cost of the dumpster service and also due to the inability of our owners and guests to adhere to the guidelines on what goes in the dumpsters. 

Cherokee County continues to provide service as in the past through the Candy Mountain Convenience Center and the Cherokee County Landfill in Marble. Providing on-site collection is not something the Board feels the majority of Bear Paw residents support due to the high cost. 

Upon removal of the dumpsters, TVA will close the gate to their property.