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Boy, did we get hot and sweaty! The Community Clean-up day on July 23 was a total success thanks to 36 Bear Paw residents donating three hours of hard labor. We accomplished the following:

1. The 11 or 12 ladies who worked under Rena Sartain’s direction cleaned and beautified the common areas around the clubhouse and fire station. That’s bags of mulch dispersed and over 8 bags of trash and clippings removed.

2. The 20 plus men were divided into 5 teams with 4 groups each with a pick- up truck collecting brush, debris and dead limbs from the road easements. Each of our paved roads should now look a lot better. Claude, with 4 volunteers, cleaned up and removed the cut brush from behind the cottages where he had worked the week before. All of these efforts are focused on reducing combustible material within Bear Paw and thereby our risk of a forest fire.

Bear Paw is now a nationally recognized FireWise Community and these 108 community service hours along with our upcoming September 24 work-day hours will clearly qualify us to be awarded a North Carolina State FireWise Grant of up to $8,000. We will then use this money in the fall to improve our tributary roads so that two firetrucks can pass each other in a time of emergency.

To all the neighbors and friends who responded, Thank You very much. To everyone, please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 24 for our next Community Clean-up. With equal or greater participation, we will exceed the 40%level and Raleigh will have to award us grant money!

Sincere thanks, Ron Taylor 


​Our "Firewise" community workdays for 2018

Sat., June 23rd


Sat., Aug., 11th 

Gear-up, bring gloves, rakes, shovels and lots of energy.

Meet at the Clubhouse

9 am


This is what makes Bear Paw uniquely wonderful.

 Great people!

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