Broadband: Coming to Bear Paw

Residents of BPSD, BPPOA, Cottages, HLPOA, Condos 1 and Condos 2

Good news about broadband for our community. Please share with your constituents.  More details to follow.  

Steve Jones
Chairman, Better Broadband for Bear Paw Committee 

Fiber Cable to the Home Service for Bear Paw 

The Cable Company (TCC), a prominent Internet service provider in Cherokee county, will begin action to provide state-of-the art fiber cable to home service to our Bear Paw community.  On July 6, 2023, TCC received federal funding through the state to implement their plan to expand their service in western Cherokee county.  TCC says their total plan will take up to 2 years with Bear Paw’s location near the front end of the plan build out advises Steve Jones, BBFBP Committee chairman.  TCC spokesman Gary Smith says we could see survey activity “behind the gate” in Bear Paw to begin the process within the next few weeks with service availability to follow within the next few months.  This long-awaited news is, indeed, welcomed.

Updated July 2023