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Manager's Report

 Mitch Price



Emily Bryant has received her Notary Commission and was sworn in at the Cherokee County Courthouse as a North Carolina Notary on Tuesday, June 22nd at 4:00pm. As of this report, she is awaiting the arrival of her Notary stamp in order to actively notarize documents for Bear Paw residents and property owners.


 After a long and arduous renovation process which included the location of major leaks, the Cherokee County Health Department inspected the Bear Paw pool on Tuesday, June 29th and has issued our permit to open. And in spite of a major chlorine shortage, Bear Paw should have enough chlorine inventory for the remainder of the summer season. A special thank you to Kevin Kennedy for his invaluable help during this project. Happy swimming everyone!

Health and Safety

The efforts of Brenda Jarvis to acquire an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for Bear Paw have come to fruition. Generous donations from Bear Paw residents funded the entire purchase.


Brenda conducted an AED orientation class on Thursday, June 10th in the upstairs room of the clubhouse. The AED is located in a wall cabinet next to the fire extinguisher just outside the main entrance to the clubhouse. It will remain there for the summer season until Labor Day, at which time it will be housed at the guardhouse until Memorial Day 2022. Brenda also conducted a CPR class in the same location on Saturday, June 26th at 9:00am. Another CPR class is scheduled for Saturday, July 17th at 5:30pm. All are welcome.

Grounds Maintenance

Claude Hughes has begun the spraying of kudzu throughout the property.


Earthwright & Company, LLC, AKA Tyler Jenkins, will soon begin the maintenance and repair of designated road areas in Bear Paw that need gravel and riprap. Asphalt work by Crisp Paving will more than likely take place after the summer when there is less volume of traffic.

Tennis Courts

Claude has cleaned up the tennis courts to make them as presentable as possible for use. Newer furniture will be acquired in the fall through the efforts of Bear Paw fundraising groups, i.e., the Community Action Committee (CAC) and or the Ladies Auxiliary. This manager has received inquiries as to the feasibility of completely resurfacing the court due to many cracks which have developed rather than simply repairing the cracks. An estimate for the complete renovation of the tennis court—which includes fence removal and reinstallation—came in at approximately $37,000.00. This will be researched further.

Broadband Service

The Internet Committee formed by Steve Jones to address the poor-quality broadband service in Bear Paw has had very informative meetings with various outside individuals including Randy Wiggins, the Cherokee County Manager. Steve Jones presented the findings of this committee thus far at the July 3rd, 2021 Board meeting. We are very grateful for the efforts of all the highly capable individuals on this committee.


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