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Happy New Year Everyone,

The following is my first Report for 2018 being written on the anniversary of my one-year here at Bear Paw. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MANAGER'S Report, January 4, 2018

Claude has addressed an exposed pipe issue found at the guard house Tuesday and all appears positive given the extreme cold of the past three days and nights.

Recent significant rains have indicated the tennis court drainage system is working as expected. We can now look to addressing court surface needs.

No problems from our recent snow storm. Claude (as usual) did a superb job with salting and making sure all residents/others had access getting in and out of BPSD. The list of full-time residents is available at the guard house as well as our office and Claude has a copy.

I have finalized the 2018 “to do” list for prior to season opening. I am confident that we can start on some items in the next couple weeks…… as soon as the temperature will comply. I hope you will see an improved “look” to BPSD over last year this March/April.

One new home construction started about 10 days ago just prior to this cold spell.

I have placed a “Do Not Use Fireplace, Chimney Problems” sign in front of the pavilion fireplace. I believe holiday renters had used it over the past weekend. I had concerns given the condition in which they left it. To address the temptation I am also going to remove all the firewood from the rack. By the way there is/are no chimney problems. I am hopeful the sign wording will deter its use.

The new guard schedule is progressing well. Dorothy Creedon is working on Sat and Sun (6:30 am-6:30 pm) and James has been working out well on the Mon-Fri. night schedule (10:30 pm to 6:30 am). Dorothy had also agreed to be a back up to Kathy for needed fill-in and has in fact picked up an extra shift in the past week.

Dennis Strand


 Nothing else to report. Again, my best for a great 2018. I look forward to seeing you at the March meeting.

Stay warm!!!!!

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