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Manager’s Quarterly Report: January 15, 2020

Please note that I have changed the traditional Mon-Thurs, 10 am to 2 pm winter office schedule for both Emily and me to 8 am to 2 pm, Mon-Thurs schedule (Emily 8 am-12 pm and I from 10 pm-2 pm).

As we approach the “mid-point” of our winter season I am happy to announce we have had a fairly uneventful off-season so far. We had one instance of unauthorized hunting (dogs being on Marina and BPSD property) in which TVA, Sheriff’s Dept. and Wildlife Dept. personnel handled. We had but a hand full of instances that necessitated my or guard staff involvement. Overwhelmingly BPSD property and facility and golf cart were the major issues.

The weather, although mild, has produced significant rainfall delaying some planned off-season projects (pavilion painting project, erecting additional mail boxes; railings at the pool steps and work inside the guard house).

We now have 36 full time residents within BPSD and the cottages. In addition to our current full-time BPSD resident guards Orval and Dorothy, Jeff West a full-time cottage resident has joined us this week as an addition fill-in (as needed) member of the guard staff. 

Work continues on construction of two new homes on Lonesome Pine and Ridgewood as well as numerous renovation and homeowner property improvements.

No significant issues have occurred within our road system although we have had several acute drainage issues that required being addressed by Claude and Jaime. 

This season has produced more tree and limb downs within BPSD. Major storms, erosion and decayed/dead tree have been the culprits.

 We are experiencing a slight water loss at the pool. As of this week it appears that we have determined the cause(s) to be from an underground leak within the pressure side of the line. In the next two weeks (weather permitting) I will be turning off segments of the pool to determine the specific line/area. Once isolated, we can go forward with inserting a camera into the line and epoxy being applied to correct the leak.

 In addition to the work mentioned above, prior to season opening in May we will be power washing and painting common area tables, benches, chairs, walkways, steps and fences, application of a painted pickle ball court on the pavilion floor, road drainage improvements and possible color coating of the concrete pool deck and surrounding areas. 

As always do not hesitate to call upon me if you have any questions or desire additional information.

Best Regards,


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