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Bear Paw Community Update
July 10, 2017

This is the first of what I expect to be at least a bi-monthly Community Update on current as well as future activities and projects within the Bear Paw Service District. My intent is to keep you informed of those issues or projects that affect the majority of community residents and/or overall operations. Thank you all for your support over the past six months and please do not hesitate to contact me via phone (828-644-0808) or email (dstrand1988@yahoo.com) if I can be of assistance.

The new pumps have been installed and are functioning wonderfully. Much better circulation and water movement and should provide for saving on utility bills and chemicals in the future.
The patio chairs purchased last year have been placed on the pool deck adjacent the pump house around a picnic table for everyone to enjoy.

Over the 4th we had another episode of sign thefts. This time is was not street signs but road signs indicating curves and slow down areas. I am working on identifying the locations as well as the sign wording to go forward in getting replacements.

Security Cameras
The recurring issue of the guard house not being able to pull up and hold camera images of from the pool area may have finally been resolved. It appears that the office computer because of its age has finally failed and may have been the culprit over the past year(s). An independent technician has evaluated the situation yesterday and will be providing options on going forward to me in the next week.

Common Area Mowing
With what appears to be daily showers and thunderstorms the ground has become saturated and dependent upon location may not have been mowed in the past 10 days (our contract seasonal timetable. Rest assured mowing will be done at a time when we can minimize grass being torn up from mowers or other vehicles.

Just a reminder that the pavilion and clubhouse areas are restricted from private use without obtaining a rental permit and making payment of the rental fee and security deposit. It is on a first come basis so if you are considering having an event please contact the office and check availability.

Efforts continue to get the common area tables, benches and playground equipment painted and refurbished. But, as with mowing the continued rains have set the project back.

 Bear Paw Community Monthly Update

​​​Emily Bryant


Bear Paw Office
60 Village Rd.
Murphy, NC  28906

 Business Phone (828) 644-0808

E-mail:  info@bearpawnc.com

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