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Manager’s Update

December 4, 2018 

First and foremost let me take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to Emily, Claude, Jamie, all the Guards, Caroline, Tina, the Board of Directors and you the Bear Paw residents a most
Merry Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous New Year.

 Just a quick update on how things are going as we await the formal arrival of Winter (though the last few week’s temperatures have surely felt like it was already here). 

Claude and Jamie are actively blowing leaves to address safe travel. The average of 3 days per week of rain has delayed our progress over the last 2 weeks. 

I have established a snow removal plan (let’s hope we don’t have to enact it). Claude and Jaime will continue to address pre-icing and de-icing needs as well as minimal snow accumulation plowing. For significant snow plowing needs I have agreed upon a plan using Tyler Jenkins and his larger equipment for plowing. Claude and Tyler will coordinate efforts should a storm eminent or hits without warning. With Bear Paw now having 33 full time residents it is imperative we have a plan to address emergency providers being able to get in and out of Bear Paw as well as for those residents that may need to venture out to doctor or other requires needs. 

I have been able to get the clubhouse propane unit functioning so we now have a backup should we encounter a significant power outage to address enough heat in the clubhouse to keep pipes from freezing. The guard house also has a propane heater that is functioning as well. 

Asphalting and scraping and graveling of roads was completed last month so we are set until next year.

I will be setting up a stop sign on Ridgewood before the crest of the hill (heading toward the clubhouse) at the intersection of Cherrywood. I will also have a view mirror placed so that vehicles will have a line of sight to vehicle coming up the hill at Cherrywood. In the scope of the last 4 weeks we have 3 near miss collisions at the intersection. 

Other than the occasional tree falling things have been relatively quiet and I hope it stays that way in the next 3 months.  Again,
Happy Holidays to all.


​​​​Dennis Strand

Bear Paw Operations Manager

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Bear Paw Office
60 Village Rd.
Murphy, NC  28906

 Business Phone (828) 644-0808

E-mail:  info@bearpawnc.com

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