Bear Paw Service District 2023-24

                     effective 07/01/2023

Name                   Position             Term

Art LeCours             BPSD, Chairman            2023-2025




Mark Ackerman     BPSD, Vice-Chairman     2023-2025           



John Stockard
   BPSD, Financial Officer     2023-2025 




David Elliott   BPSD, Asst. Financial Officer   2022-2024



Bob Cowdrick    BPSD, Secretary                2022-2024



 Stan Wise      BPSD, Asst. Secretary             2022-2024



Terry Miller      BPSD, at Large                       2020-2024                                                        

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 PositionWhat is the relationship of Bear Paw Property Ownership Association (BPPOA)

and Bear Paw Service District (BPSD)?

     The BPPOA whose members are made up of lot owners in the Bear Paw Service District have an annual election for the board members for the BPSD and BPPOA. One vote per lot. The elected board members become the board for both the BPSD and the BPPOA but their functions are different.    There are seven board members each serving a 2 year term and may be elected for another 2 year term.  The election of each year alternates in electing 4 new members one year and 3 new members the next year.    Each year at the July meeting  the elections are held and open to all members in good standing (your taxes are current).   

     The BPSD has no members, only your elected board members can vote.  Their purpose is to manage the Bear Paw Service District. As a "Service District" they are in fact a local government and must adhere to the North Carolina state 159 statue and Cherokee County governing laws. The BPSD board by law it is authorized to set and oversee the budget for the purpose of  maintaining and managing BPSD assets: common areas, roads, pool, tennis courts, playground, clubhouse and provide security, administer the business affairs of the Service District, establish Zoning Ordinanes and provide other services required and/or allowed by the County and State.  The funds to accomplish these tasks come from your Bear Paw taxes.   The BPSD also may implement special assessments, user fees and other contract fees.  The Bear Paw Service District Board are your elected officials authorized to run the District and are approved by the County, to do so. The Bear Paw office personnel work for the BPSD only.

The BPPOA is more what you may understand to be an "HOA". Like a "Home owners association" your BPPOA members may vote on changing bylaws, vote on social guidelines, how they want the BPPOA funds spent and if there are any dues. Currently, there are no dues.  Through the efforts of many via donations, fundraisers and volunteers your BPPOA has had several social events and added great value to our community. The board members are your contact for the BPPOA issues.

This is meant to be an overview to assist you in understanding how things work here in Bear Paw.  you may want to refer to "Local government rules in North Carolina" to understand the Service district and/or read the By-laws of the BPPOA for further information. 



​Our Mission

At Bear Paw Service District, our mission is to serve the collective interests of all Bear Paw Property Owners through the best use of our resources, both funds and assets.

Our Priorities

  • We here at Bear Paw Service District pledge to preserve the security and,to the extent our limited resources permit, maintain and upgrade the infrastructure, all the while fostering the nature of our community --- a Mountain & Lake Retreat ...a wonderful place to visit or live! 

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