Bear Paw Property Owners Quarterly Meeting – 10/22/22 

The meetng was called to order at 10:00 a.m. 

Members present: Linda Hughes, Terry Miller, David Elliot, Tiffany Williams, Bart Hamburg, Stan Wise 

Members Absent: Bob Cowdrick 

Bart Hamburg made a motion to approve the minutes as writen. David Elliot seconded the motion. The motion passed 6-0. 

Tiffany Williams reported on the Bear Paw Property Owners Associa􀆟on and the Community Ac􀆟on Commitee budget and expenses. She recognized Trish Swiger for her work in leading the CAC. Trish gave a report on the CACs activities and expenses associated with those activities. 

Terry Miller made a motion to fund $2,100 in the CAC budget. David Elliot seconded the motion. The motion passed 6- 0. 

Steve Jones gave an update on the Broadband effort. There is good news. Expect a potential rollout of Broadband from the cable company. 

Tiffany Williams encouraged everyone to participate in the tennis court usage survey. 

Tiffany Williams made a recommendation to give an additional $500.00 to the Ladies Auxiliary from the Landscape budget. Motion to be passed by email vote. 

Discussion followed concerning the nature of this meeting – Board meeting or members meeting? 

Tiffany Williams gave a report on boasting the cell service from the cell provider. 

A motion was made by David Elliot to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Bart Hamburg. The motion passed 6-0 

Bob Cowdrick 

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Secretary Signature Date: March 25, 2023

                           Bear Paw Property Owners Quarterly Meeting – 03-25-2023

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m.

Members present: Linda Hughes, Terry Miller, David Elliott, Tiffany Williams, Bart Hamburg, Stan Wise, Bob Cowdrick
Pledge of Allegiance
Terry made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Stan seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0.

Tiffany no changes on financials.

Maraya Magness  - The CAC has $7000. The CAC will present a budget at next meeting

Old Business


New Business

Tiffany Williams discussed changes to the CAC financial tracking. BPSD will give $2100 for initial funding. Tiffany will document this process. Terry made motion to change process. Stan seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0.

Garbage disposal update- A motion was made and approved at the SD meeting to temporary put a dumpster at the parking lot with a camera. Terry Miller will solicit names to help with process. 

Board Elections – Elections occur every May. Submit a bio to be considered by March 31. Names and bios will be in the newsletter. At the May BPPOA meeting a vote to replace the seat and then those elected will be sent to the County for BPSD approval. 

Spring newsletter – Submitted to the office by March 31


Van Estes – Is there and official way to share information such as survey and budgets? Linda Hughes commented on what is required is different than what is requested. Postings required at the Office and Mailbox. Meg Smith commented about the newsletter being mailed. Now newsletters are emailed.  Linda Hughes commented about more flexibility with the BPPOA than the BPSD. Board will investigate alternatives.

Tracy Ghost – Communication is desired and put the responsibility on the owners, rather than emails. and idea of virtual meetings.  Tracy suggested a facility access card or a fob idea as a way to secure access.

Tiffany Williams gave an update on the bearpawnc website. In 2021 Board discussed a new website. Tiffany made a call to action for volunteers to update the website and maintained it. The current WordPress based website is antiquated. A design phase has been done and Linda Hughes re-iterated a request for volunteers. 

Maraya Magness – Stated Brenda Jarvis will update the directory and Lydia requests updates for new residents. Current residents need to update their information by contacting the office. 

Linda Jacobs – Discussed the pool survey and the results to be sure they everyone received it. Suggested the potential to resend the survey. 

Mary Francis O’Malley  - -discussed taking extra steps to disseminate minutes, financials’, etc. Information on the pool would be helpful. Need to get information before decisions are made.

Joe Salerno– Expressed concern about the at the junction of Marina Road and Dean Aldrich Drive. Suggested a speed bump or a 3 way stop. The Board is not allowed to put in speedbumps.  Signs have been posted about the speed limit. Discussions about stop signs and the location. Decisions need to be made by the BPSD.  The Board will visit the site. 

Mark Powell –Has previous experience with security access. Access cards or FOBs could be an option.

Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 10:47 – Terry Miller motion.  Stan Wise seconded. The motion passed 7-0.


Bob Cowdrick


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                                    May 27, 2023                                                           May 27, 2023

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All minutes posted have been approved by the board

BP Bylaws ballot.pdf

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This is your association.

 1. All Bear Paw Service District Property owners are all voting members for new board members and any Bylaw changes at the Annual May meeting. 

 2.The main function is to oversee the election of board members.  This same elected board is also your Service District board.   

3. Update and change the Bear Paw Bylaws.

4. There are no dues, the funding for this association comes from fundraisers and donations.

5. The BPPOA can fund events, run fundraisers, make donations, unlike the Service District that is restricted by law.

6. All functions are run by volunteers.  

So keep us strong! 

 Join in, volunteer and donate!

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BPPOA Board Meeting MIns 3.4.17.pdf

Bear Paw Property Association