David Elliott                                         2022 -24

Arthur Lecours - President               2023 -25

Stan Wise                                            2022 -24

                                      Incoming BPPOA Board Message to Property Owners and Staff

The elected board members for the 2023/2024 term conducted an organizational meeting on 5/31/23 and the board structure agreed to in that meeting is stated below:

Arthur Lecours – President
Mark Ackerman – Vice-President
John Stockard – Treasurer
Bob Cowdrick – Secretary
Stan Wise 
Terry Miller 
David Elliott 

We wish to recognize departing board members Linda Hughes, Bart Hamburg and Tiffany Williams for their hard work, sacrifice and dedication to our community. Each year those that serve do so to ensure that our community continues to thrive. We have many current and new residents with a broad array of talent. Each of us, as property owners should ask ourselves “What can I do for Bear Paw?” and act upon that answer.

June is a month of transition from the standing board to the incoming board. Cherokee County has been notified of our incoming board for approval during an upcoming meeting. We are aware of community concerns regarding trash collection, pool, security as well as other tactical challenges. We will work together in the near term to address each concern to the best of our ability.

During our organizational meeting we collectively agreed that our focus would be to provide property owners with direct line of sight to our challenges and success in the year ahead. We intend that the sole platform for engagement and information surrounding our community will be the Bear Paw website located at www.bearpawnc.com. We seek to be accessible and hope to participate in and host events that enable ideation surrounding our community (more to come on that).

Our organizational meeting was very collaborative and I look forward to see what we can accomplish in the year ahead. Bear Paw is a special place and its residents add great color to that canvas. Summer is in full bloom. We hope you take every opportunity to enjoy it with your family and friends.


Best Regards Always,

Arthur Lecours

BPPOA, President



Terry Miller                                          2022 -24

 John Stockard - Treasurer               2023 -25


Bear Paw Property Owners Association (BPPOA) members elected new board members on May 27th, 2023.

(Each term is 2 years long and may serve 2 more if reelected)

The new BPPOA board elected their officers at the organizational meeting on 5/31/23 and will immediately begin to serve.

Contact: Office 828-644-0808 Email info@bearpawnc.com

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Mark Ackerman -Vice President       2023 -25

Bob Cowdrick - Secretary                 2022 -24