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                         Bear Paw Service District and Bear Paw Property Owners Association
                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS  

                    effective 07/01/2017       Term

Alan Snaider                                                BPSD, Chairman                             2016-2018
95 Pinecrest Drive                                       BPPOA, President
Murphy, NC 28906
(828) 644-0987

David Marion                                                BPSD, Vice-Chairman                      2017-2019

575 Lonesome Pine Rd                               BPPOA, Vice-President                              

Murphy, NC 28906 

(770) 378-9886    


Ann Atkinson                                              BPSD, Secretary                                2017-2019   

Smokey View Ln                                        BPPOA, Secretary 

Murphy, NC 28906

(828) 835-3767  


Patricia Roberts                                          BPSD, Co-secretary                          2016-2018
659 Village Rd.                                           BPPOA, Co-secretary
Murphy, NC                                                 
(828) 644-9235

Tricia Swiger                                              BPSD, Finance Officer                       2016-2018
87 Snowbird Lane                                      BPPOA, Treasurer
Murphy, NC 28906                                    
(828) 644-0835


 John Steensma                                         BPSD, Co-Finance Officer                 2017-2019 

120 Cherrywood Dr                                    BPPOA, Co-Treasurer 

Murphy, NC 28906

(407) 414-8707


Ron Taylor                                                BPSD, Director                                    2016-2018                     
315 Nantahala Drive                                BPPOA, Director                        
Murphy, NC 28906
(828) 644-9566

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What is the relationship of Bear Paw Property Ownership Association (BPPOA)

and Bear Paw Service District (BPSD)?

     The BPPOA is composed of lot owners in Bear Paw who are also members of the BPSD, the tax district.  Each lot is allocated one vote for conducting BPPOA business.  The main business of the BPPOA membership is the elections of Board members.  Each year they nominate seven persons to the Cherokee County Commissioners for appointment to the Bear Paw Service District Board of Directors.  In addition, the BPPOA Board which is the same as the BPSD board may collect assessments and charges from the owners and establish regulations governing the use of common areas and facilities.  Currently the Owners Association has no actual working funds.

    The BPSD is a political subdivision of North Carolina and Cherokee County.  By law it is authorized to provide for recreational services andfacilities, acquire and maintain open common areas, maintain and improve roads, provide for security, administer the business affairs of the Service District, establish Zoning Ordinanes and provide other services required by the County or the State.  Funds to accomplish these tasks come from taxes on property within Bear Paw, the rate determined by the District within limits set by law.  The BPSD also may implement special assessments, user fees and other contract fees.  The Bear Paw Service District Board of Directors runs the District and is appointed by the County, usually the the nominees submitted by the BPPOA Board of Directors.



Your 2017-2018 Board Members

​Our Mission

At Bear Paw Service District, our mission is to serve the collective interests of all Bear Paw Property Owners through the best use of our resources, both funds and assets.

Our Priorities

  • We here at Bear Paw Service District pledge to preserve the security and,to the extent our limited resources permit, maintain and upgrade the infrastructure, all the while fostering the nature of our community --- a Mountain & Lake Retreat ...a wonderful place to visit or live!