Fall ~ 2019


The sun now peaks a little lower in the sky, cool foggy mornings now greet us, and football games start anew.  The favorite season of so many is upon us, making way for spiced cider, fire-pits and roasted marshmallows. It’s also a good time to catch up with your chimney sweep!

 For our Village, much ongoing work has been accomplished with still more in planning stages.  This year’s road work is now complete, including the maintenance of culverts, gravel grooming and cost-effective paving where necessary.  Pavilion and grounds upkeep continues.  Vigorous debate and planning goes into much of what happens in Bear Paw, all inspired by love for our Bear Paw Village and its preservation.  But the day to day decisions and execution of plans and ideas is carried out by two amazing individuals: Dennis Strand our manager and Emily Bryant our Business Office Administrator.  These two people are invaluable to Bear Paw, please give them a nod and a thank you when you get a chance!!

It’s also appropriate to give a shout-out to our full-time guards, JC Graham, Dorothy Creedon, Orlando Ortega, Kevin Kennedy and Orval Lejeune, with Matthew Sears, Loy Reid and Lauren Feldman available as Call-In personnel.  These committed folks are so helpful to Bear Paw, we are deeply appreciative for their watchful eyes, accountability and smiling wave.

 Finally, BEAR PAW LIVE! has completed an AMAZING trio of events this past year, with record attendance at these outstanding shows.  The rich pulse of the community was present in both music and spirit at all three. If you haven’t attended, you are truly missing some incredible talent in our own front yard. 

In sum, Bear Paw hums along; strong, sound and beautiful.  Have a wonderful Fall and Winter, everyone!



David Marion


Annual Meeting of Bear Paw Property Owners Association

In July, the Bear Paw Property Owners Association elected new officers to replace those with expiring terms. The Cherokee County Commissioners subsequently appointed the Directors, new and continuing, as Bear Paw Service District Board of Directors. Service District and Property Owners Association titles are as follows:

                                                BPSD                                     BPPOA

David Marion** *             Chairman                             President                           

Alan Snaider****            Vice Chairmen                   Vice President                  

John Steensma***          Finance Officer                  Treasurer                           

Jerry Pezzella**               Director                               Director                              

Lydia Kennedy**             Secretary                             Secretary                            

David Black**                    Director                                Director                               

Gary Holmes*                    Director                                Director                               


** Second Year                 *First Year           ***Third Year (Consecutive)       ****Fourth Year (Consecutive)


Dennis Strand                    Bear Paw Manager                          dstrand1988@yahoo.com

Emily Bryant                       Business Office Admin                   info@bearpawnc.com


In May Three Directors were elected to the Board. Gary Holmes was elected to his first term, with John Steensma and David Marion (Serving their third Consecutive year). Jerry Pezzella, Lydia Kennedy and David Black are serving the second year of their term.


2020 Bear Paw Live!

                                    June 27                           Michael Hughlett

                               August 1                           Kayla Taylor Jazz

                        September 5                       Baby Gray with Jimmy Gillis


*All Concerts will begin at 8:00 p.m. next year*

Mark your Calendars Now!!!



Schedule of Meetings:


July 6, 2019                             Organizational           

October 19. 2019                    Regular Mtg.

March 28, 2019                       Regular Mtg.

May 9, 2019                            Budget Mtg.

May 23, 2019                          Regular Mtg.

July 3, 2019 {FRIDAY}  BPSD Organizational                          


All Meetings will be held at 9 am at the Bear Paw Clubhouse located at 60 Village Road unless otherwise posted.

Each BPPOA meeting to follow each BPSD Meeting after 10-minute break.


The Bear Paw Website is a good place to see what’s going on in our community and keep up to date on current activities. Please visit bearpawnc.com and look around.


   Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for the Hiwassee Dam Fire Department here in Bear Paw. Come by the clubhouse for an application or contact Emily in the Office.


Thank you all who donated to the 2019 Garage Sale!

Donations are always welcome!

Remember… No Clothes, TVs or Mattresses.

 Thank you!


911 Property Addressing

It has been brought to our attention that there are many properties that still do not have 911 address signs posted. Having your address displayed will help emergency personnel such as firetrucks, ambulance and law enforcement identify your home or property in case of an emergency. For your own safety please see that a sign showing your 911 address is displayed properly.


This Newsletter is paid for by the BPSD

Bear Paw Service District

Manager’s Report: October 2019


New Home Construction/Other

Two (2) new homes are currently under construction (Lonesome Pine, Ridgewood).  Bear Paw Service District has had twelve (12) new residents (construction, purchases, and long-term rentals) in the past year and The Cottages have had 5 new residents (purchases, long-term rentals).


Other Construction / Zoning

Two new dock permits approved by TVA since the last Board meeting (Section 1, 6). One permit for home expansion approved since last meeting.


Twelve new residents joined the BPSD community in 2018-2019; four (4) through new home construction and 8 by occupied and non-occupied home sales. Three (3) new “full-time” community residents bring the total to 34 in all resident associations. Cottage Owners Association realized a change of ownership in 5 cottages.



The new HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system is functioning well with our first months Clubhouse invoice being $200.00 less than our estimated monthly budget expense. Having reduced the number of zones (thermostats )in the Clubhouse from 5 to 2 (upstairs and downstairs) and use of ceiling fans have complimented the efficiency of the new, more cost effective unit.


Power cleaning and painting under the pavilion roof and steel support network will begin on Monday, October 21, 2019. The contractor will be using what is called “drop dry” paint. It is blended for “overhead spray painting” and allows the paint to dry to a “flake” within 10 feet after spraying and can then be swept or blown off the ground/surface. It allows for not having to cover the ground/surface with fabric, plastic or other substance.


The main clubhouse entrance will be closed due to safety and project equipment. No basketball or other pavilion activities will be allowed for a period of up to 2 weeks (weather permitting) to allow for completion of the work.



The pool was closed on September 15, 2019. New drain covers have been installed per County requirement (every 5 years).  Next replacement date is September 2024.


Handrails will be added to the steps leading to the pool from the pavilion prior to the

2020-2021 summer season.      



Scraping and graveling work continues with one location remaining. With completion of the White Cloud culvert two projects remain. 2019-2020 asphalt work was completed

in the past two weeks.



Guards continue to require that all commercial tree cutters entering BPSD report to the Office prior to going to the property to ensure their knowledge of BPSD tree restrictions and confirm office approval for the cutting. Five (5) homeowners have been given permission for removal of trees since the last meeting with several trees on BPSD green space, right of ways and roadsides having been removed due to disease or safety issues.



Scheduling is working well with the addition of the two (2) fill-in guards (Matt & Loren). Guard house and Maintenance Shed painting completed.


Tennis Court

One small project, a re-cementing of the net support will be completed prior to 2020-2021 season opening. A new bench will be added as well.



Prior to the 2020-2021 a replenishment of the ground cover will be added.




BPSD Parking Ordinance

No formal enforcement of the existing parking ordinance regarding non-motor vehicle parking and 24-hour maximum has been needed.  Approval has been given to residents who have requested to have a vehicle parked beyond the limit (up to a maximum of 4 days) due to home construction and other legitimate need.


Pickle Ball Court Lighting (Pavilion)

A request for additional overhead lighting in the pavilion has been made by pickle ball players.

A quote of $1,096.75 has been received for three (3) 4800 lumen LED lights and required installation/wiring from Mountain Power Electric. No funding was allocated in this years’ budget. The quote will be honored for sixty (60) days.


                                                Dennis Strand



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