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Fall ~ October 2017


Greetings Friends and Neighbors:


                Hope you are enjoying life in our little piece of heaven called Bear Paw. I am knee deep in my second term on the board and will probably have this job figured out, about the time my term is up. First, I want to make a shout out to last years board, led by Andrea Folkertsma (my mentor). They did so much behind the scenes to keep our village great. Their biggest and most beneficial accomplishment, was finding and hiring our new Manager, Dennis Strand. We had 3 very qualified applicants, but Dennis received the majority votes. He has proven to be a treasure to all of us. Dennis is a professional who is 100% on the job. The psychology of Bear Paw is now becoming what it was meant to be. The manager takes all calls, problems and questions, and in Dennis’ case, a quick and professional response is the norm. Chrissie had to move away, but again we became lucky to find another jewel in the form of Emily Bryant, our new assistant.

                Last year, I was the “Road Guy” and we got some much-needed road work done. Kudos to our resident expert, Mr. Andy Russell. He is a Civil Engineer for the Department of Transportation for Western North Carolina and taught me everything I needed to know, and didn’t know, about the paving business. After taking bids, I went with Crisp Paving and paved the following roads: Snowbird Lane, Sleepy Hollow, Pike Trail and part of Trout Dr. We also hired Tyler Jenkins to scrape and re-gravel a few roads and place rick rack on some culverts that were washing out. Andy kept a watchful eye on all this work to make sure it was top quality. Thanks Andy.

                This year I accepted the position of President of the Bear Paw Service District and the Bear Paw Property Owners Association. This was also a learning curve for me. I began to understand, that the Service District is not a Home Owners Association, like many of us are familiar with in our other residences. The Bear Paw Service District is actually an arm of the county government. We are bound by very specific procedures, laws and requirements. Our money, used for the upkeep and repair, is tax money; that is carefully overseen by an independent auditor. We must justify all expenditures with correct paperwork and procedures, documentation and certification. Kudos to Dennis, Tricia Swiger, and Emily Bryant for the hours and hours and hours spent reading By-Laws and following up on former actions that occurred during the time our former manager was here. Together we have organized and realized (hopefully) all the proper processes the government requires of us. Tricia and Dennis have worked tirelessly to bring our finances and banking procedures into the 21st Century. They deserve a medal.

                A big thank you to Ron Taylor for his excellent job with the Fire Wise program and community clean ups.

                I would also like to thank Patricia Roberts, who has also served these 2 years with me. And a shout out to the brave new members Ann Atkinson, David Marion, and John Steensma (Our treasurer in training) who is working closely with Tricia to continue the work being done to upgrade and modernize neighbors. Which brings me to the final point. Tricia, Ron, Patricia and Myself will be stepping down this Spring and we need 4 more brave souls to step into our shoes. With the arrival of Dennis, and the hard work of the current board, the jobs are much less time consuming than in the past.

                So, I wish you a delightful holiday season from Halloween to New Years’ and beyond. We are very blessed to have this glorious place to call home.

                Remember, if you have any questions, problems, or concerns……. CALL DENNIS!!

                                                                                                                All the Best,

                                                                                                                Al Snaider


Annual Meeting of Bear Paw Property Owners Association


In July, the Bear Paw Property Owners Association elected new officers to replace those with expiring terms. The Cherokee County Commissioners subsequently appointed the Directors, new and continuing, as Bear Paw Service District Board of Directors. Service District and Property Owners Association titles are as follows:

                                                BPSD                                     BPPOA

Al Snaider**                      Chairman                             President                            bearpawboard@gmail.com

David Marion*                  Vice Chairmen                   Vice President                   bearpawboard@gmail.com

Tricia Swiger**                 Finance Officer                  Treasurer                            bearpawboard@gmail.com

John Steensma*               Asst. Finance Off              Asst. Treasurer                  bearpawboard@gmail.com

Ann Atkinson*                   Secretary                             Secretary                             bearpawboard@gmail.com

Ron Taylor**                     Director                                Director                                bearpawboard@gmail.com

Patricia Roberts**           Asst. Secretary                  Asst. Secretary                  bearpawboard@gmail.com


** Second Year                 *First Year


Dennis Strand                    Bear Paw Manager                          dstrand1988@yahoo.com

Emily Bryant                       Business Office Admin                   info@bearpawnc.com



In May three Directors were elected to the Board. David Marion, Ann Atkinson and John Steensma were elected to their first term. Al Snaider, Tricia Swiger, Ron Taylor and Patricia Roberts are serving the second year of their term.

The Chili Cook Off/Costume Contest (optional) is October 21st, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse Pavilion. Bring your best Chili and/or Cornbread/Dessert. Awesome prizes will be rewarded!! For more information Call:

Maraya Magness- 423-413-6010.


Schedule of Meetings:


July 1, 2017                                         Organizational

October 7, 2017                                Regular Mtg.

March 10, 2017                                 Regular Mtg.

May 5, 2018                                        Budget Hearing

May 26, 2018                                      Regular Mtg.

July 7, 2018                                         Organizational/Regular Meeting


All Meetings will be held at 9 am at the Bear Paw Clubhouse located at 60 Village Road unless otherwise posted.

Each BPPOA meeting to follow each BPSD Meeting after 10-minute break.

The Bear Paw Website is a good pace to see what’s going on in our community and keep up to date on current activities. Please visit bearpawnc.com and look around.  


Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for the Fire Station here in Bear Paw. Come by the clubhouse for an application or contact Emily in the Office.


911 Property Addressing

It has been brought to our attention that there are many properties that still do not have 911 address signs posted. Having your address displayed will help emergency personnel as firetrucks, ambulance and law enforcement identity your home or property in case of an emergency. For your own safety please see that a sign showing your 911 address is displayed properly. In case you need assistance finding a company to make you sign: Goines Sign Company in Blairsville, GA has made them for the Fire Dept. and can be reached at: (706) 745-6912.














This Newsletter is paid for by the BPSD



The Bear Paw community is a better place thanks to all the efforts of these ladies.  Each year the BPLA has a garage sale to fund their projects.  The contributions and participation by you all here in Bear Paw are greatly appreciated.  This year the ladies also sold Eclipse glasses.  The funds from these projects are utilized to enhance Bear Paw and to give back to the surrounding local area.


Our completed commitments this year:

Shelves and new lighting in the skate room

2 new card tables

2 new commercial fans

Funded the mowing around the Firehouse

Bought new Bear Paw Flags for the entrance



Commitments that will be completed this year:

Financial grants to Hiwassee Dam School teachers: The teachers were asked to submit their requests to fund their supplemental needs and BPLA responded in kind.

BPLA has a meeting luncheon twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. If you would like to participate and/or are not receiving information, please call 644-0835.


Bear Paw Property Owners Association


This is the “property owners association” for Bear Paw Service District lot owners and is responsible for all things outside of the BPSD.  There are no dues but thanks to you thru your contributions, participation in fundraisers etc., funds are accumulated and maybe used for the following:

Events, activities, beautification, refreshments, decorations, communications, and contributions to other local communities are handled here. All other Bear Paw communities are invited to participate in the fun but cannot vote.


This year BPPOA funded:


*Calendar of events: Via the CAC (Community Action Committee) who organized and scheduled all the       dinners, holiday celebrations and events we all so enjoyed

  *Contributed $500 toward the Fireworks

  *Contributed $300 to the HD Fire Department

  *Refreshments at meetings

  *Holiday Decorations


The BPPOA, made up of Bear Paw Service District property owners as members, is responsible for the by-laws, election of board members, and other social issues.  Voting required 75% of those voting to approve any changes.  Meetings are held immediately following BPSD meetings.  Please refer to meeting schedules.


This last year BPPOA:


        *Completed a mail-out to:


Present a ballot to vote on using email as a means of communication acceptable for legal notifications. This was approved


Request email addresses to better communicate with members


Consoled with legal counsel as requested to clarify that in fact “75% of those voting is required to pass a motion”.  This was confirmed


The vote to correct “no brainers” in the by-laws was approved:  This included



Art I Sec 3 MEMBERSHIP.  Purpose is for clarification



Delete “Bear Paw Lot”’ and replace with “Lot within Bear Paw Service District”.  Approved



Art II DEFINITIONS.  Add “Usage of the words ”he” and “his” herein refer to either sex and are not exclusive or restricted to either sex. Purpose is to insure gender equality. Approved 


Amend all references of “corporation” to read ”association. Purpose is for clarity. We refer to ourselves as the Bear Paw Property Owners Association although we are a corporation.  Approved


Art VIII ASSOCIATION SEAL.  The SEAL is no longer required by the state of North Carolina. Delete this article and requirement.


This is your “Homeowners Association” and we have no dues at this time.


Stay involved, stay informed and participate!


Please insure your phone, mail and email address stay updated.  You may report changes by calling the office (828-644-0808), going on the web (bearpawnc.com) submit form, email (info@bearpaw.com), or mail (Bear Paw, 60 Village Dr., Murphy, NC 28906).


Thank you, Your BPPOA Board


***If you are planning on renting the Clubhouse for private use, call the office for available dates and request an application. Guidelines are on the web- bearpawnc.com***   



Bear Paw Service District

Manager’s Report



The pool was officially closed for the season on Sunday, September 24th. We continue to use the two new replacement pumps along with one “old” pump. The plan continues to replace the old pump when it finally fails as the new one will require reducing the size of the PVC pipe connection for installation.


In the next month the carpeting donated to BPSD by Mr. Mark Ackerman will be installed on the covered area of the pool deck.


In anticipation of the 2018 pool possibly 6 or 8 new chaise lounges will be needed to replace ones discarded this past season due to age.


New Home Construction-Other Construction / Zoning


Three (3) homes are currently under construction: Eagle’s Nest, Beach and Wildwood.




Given limitations with the security camera system the guard house is assessing only its entrance/exit area pictures and the office

                        BPSD office only pictures from the pool.


                        Protocols for Guard expectations have been submitted for Board review.


Approval provided for removal of two pine trees on Lonesome Pine.

A lot on Sleepy Hollow apparently has had trees cut/removed recently for which no approval was sought from BPSD. Claude has removed seven (7) trees since June on BPSD property.


I have asked the Guards to have all commercial tree cutters entering BPSD report to the Office prior to going to the property. This will insure their being knowing BPSD restrictions as well as to check on approval having been given to the homeowner(s).


Projects in Process

Final quotes have been received for tennis court drainage and resurfacing. Approval will be sought from BPSD Board.


A quote ($1,500) for extension of the recent concrete work at the clubhouse to extend to the old skate house including repair/replacement of the railroad ties and construction of a low retaining wall has been verbally communicated. I am awaiting a formal written quote.



At this time, I am exploring options on resurfacing of the concrete

floor of the pavilion. I am looking into the feasibility of having the project done by an outside contractor as well as internally using BPSD maintenance staff. If feasible and financially viable, and, with Board approval (non-budgeted item) the work would be accomplished prior to the 2017-2018 summer season.

Off Season Projects: (Some Projects are allocated in this year’s budget, other will be considered based upon Budget balance as we move into the 2017/2018 season)


Off Season Projects

Culvert Cleaning

Deck Carpeting

Road Paving, Scraping and Gravel Application

Replacement of Damaged/Broken Road Sign Posts

Repair/Replacement of Non-Road Related Signage

Tennis courts Drainage System

Repairing or resurfacing of the Tennis Court

Replacement Playground Equipment and Surface Repair

Cleaning and Repairs in the Patio Area below the Pavilion

Re-Striping of Village Road (White Lane Stripes)

Annual Power Washing and Re-Painting (as needed)

Re-configuration of the existing flower bed near skate house



My best wishes to all for a safe and happy “off season” and my fondest wishes to you and yours for a blessed and enjoyable Holiday Season. I shall see you all in the Spring.


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​Disclaimer:  The information provided in the website is for information purposes only and does not obligate the BPPOA in any way.  The information is not authoritative and is not to be considered definitive in any manner.  The BPPOA is not responsible for the accuracy of the content of the website though the BPPOA will strive to update information as it becomes available.