FALL 2021



Annual Meeting of Bear Paw Property Owners Association

In June, the Bear Paw Property Owners Association elected new officers to replace those with expiring terms. The Cherokee County Commissioners subsequently appointed the Directors, new and continuing, as Bear Paw Service District and Property Owners Association titles are as follows:

                                      BPSD                                  BPPOA

David Black****            Chairman                             President
Bart Hamburg *            Vice Chairman                    Vice President
Lydia Kennedy****        Finance Officer                   Treasurer 
Tiffany Williams*           Asst. Finance Officer          Asst. Treasurer 
Terry Miller**                 Secretary                             Secretary
Linda Hughes*              Asst. Secretary                    Asst. Secretary
Jerry Pezzella****         Director                                Director

*First Year         **Second Year            ****Fourth Year (Consecutive)

Mitchell Price               Bear Paw Manager  
Emily Bryant                Business Office Admin

In May Three Directors were elected to the Board. Bart Hamburg, Linda Hughes and Tiffany Williams were elected to their first term. Terry Miller is serving the second year of his term, with Jerry Pezzella, Lydia Kennedy and David Black serving their fourth (consecutive) year. 


Manager's Report
 Mitch Price


· Emily Bryant has received her Notary stamp and is actively notarizing documents for Bear Paw residents and property owners as well as official Board of Directors documents.

· New windshield decals arrived on 08/25/21. These decals have a fresh new look and a reflective background to help the guards better see them at night. Owners will receive the first two decals free of charge as in the past; however, there will be a charge of $5.00 each for any additional decals. This modest charge will help offset the cost of providing decals.


·  Because of a late opening due to renovations, the pool season was extended until October 4thinstead of closing after Labor Day. The extensive renovation has completely eliminated a severe leak and has greatly improved the pool’s look and functionality. Estimated savings this fiscal year alone due to leak mitigation will be approximately $2,000.00.

· Twenty-five new pool keys are now available to accommodate the increased demand.


Forty-eight new mailboxes have been installed to accommodate the increased demand. Installation was performed by Claude Hughes on 09/27/2021.


· All guards have been outfitted with new uniforms shirts and cold weather jackets as part of an approved budget item for this purpose. All shirts and jackets have shoulder patches and a badge patch.

· DIRECTV service for the guardhouse has been cancelled and replaced by internet TV which already existed at the gatehouse as part of Bear Paw’s regular phone and internet service. This will save Bear Paw approximately $1,572.00 annually.

General Maintenance (Electrical)

· In late September, the Bear Paw Ladies Auxiliary donated the repair and replacement of the nine pillar lights at the entrance to the property. This was scheduled to come out of the Bear Paw Service District budget which resulted in a savings to the Service District of over $2,900.00. The electrician used by the Ladies Auxiliary was then used by management to repair and replace inoperable floodlight fixtures at the front entrance near the flagpole and also the lighting on and around the guard shack. Thank you, Bear Paw Ladies Auxiliary!


· Grading and graveling work has been completed by Earthwright & Company, LLC, AKA Tyler Jenkins and Jacob Hamby in the following areas: Little Bass Trail, Highland Rd. and Whispering Pine Trail, Village Rd. at Bishop Court, and Wildwood Drive. Asphalt work by Crisp Paving will take place after the summer when there is less volume of traffic.

· A new stop sign will be placed on Cherrywood Drive at Pinecrest to improve hazardous traffic flow between these two roads.

· A new “No Turnaround” sign will be placed before the end of Ridgewood Drive to reduce—and hopefully eliminate—turnaround traffic at a resident’s driveway.

· Cherokee County has advised this Manager that they will provide, at no charge, street signs which need to be replaced.

Tree Removal Procedure

· Upon approved tree removal, topping, thinning, etc. by the Manager, paperwork is now placed at the gatehouse so the guards can screen any tree contractor before allowing them entry to the property for this purpose. In the past, tree contractors were arbitrarily sent to the office to receive approval, but there was no control once they entered the property; therefore, the procedure was abused. If no paperwork has been issued to the guards, they are directed to call the office before allowing entry to a tree contractor. I am hoping this procedure will facilitate better control over tree removal.

Tree Clean-up

· 09/06/21 David Black cleared a fallen hardwood tree on Arrowhead Dr.


· The Firewise program has been reactivated. Mitch Price is looking for individuals interested in forming a Firewise committee. Please contact Mitch Price at the Bear Paw office (828-644-0808) if you’re interested in participating in the Firewise program.

Broadband Service

· The Broadband Internet Committee formed by Steve Jones continues with its assiduous effort to bring high-quality broadband service to Bear Paw. The open meeting held on Saturday, September 4th at the Bear Paw pavilion had approximately 65 people in attendance. The Bear Paw community is grateful for the efforts of this committee. Donations from Bear Paw residents collected by the Broadband Committee to date total $3,000.00. These funds are being used exclusively to pay for legal counsel related to the broadband initiative. End Report 

The Bear Paw Website is a good place to see what’s going on in our community and keep up to date on current activities. Please visit and look around.




Bear Paw Live!
With Eileen and Jim leaving Bear Paw, Beth and I have some big shoes to fill! We are excited that we have 2 bands scheduled for next summer. Back by popular demand July 9 we will have Baby Gray from Tallahassee FL and Aug 6th from Atlanta the 120 East Band which is a 10 piece variety band that has been here once before.
Both bands play a variety for all type of dancing! Beth and I (and hubbys) are traveling to Knoxville for an overnight to hear a band that may be a choice for Sept concert…stay tuned and as always Thanks for your ongoing support of Bear Paw Live!
Kathi and Beth. Co-chairs




                         Saturday, July 3, 2021            Organizational Meeting
             Saturday, October 23, 2021    Regular Meeting 
                   Saturday, March 26, 2022       Regular Meeting      
             Saturday, May 14, 2022          Budget Hearing 
                          Saturday, May 28, 2022          Regular Meeting             

All Meetings will be held at 9 am at the Bear Paw Clubhouse located
at 60 Village Road unless otherwise posted.
Each BPPOA meeting to follow each BPSD Meeting after 10-minute break.


Internet Committee

Your Internet Committee, under the moniker of “Bear Paw Service District Communities,” continues its pursuit of broadband opportunities for all behind the gate.  Frequent contact with state, county, and Internet Service Providers continues, posturing us very favorably for broadband grant dollars when they become available. The delaying factor is federal, state, and county budget cycles currently in full swing. Constituent donations for legal services proved vital in overcoming legal issues. Though delays and uncertain outcomes are frustrating, never before has a better opportunity existed for fast, reliable, cost competitive, state of the art broadband for everybody in Bear Paw.
—Steve Jones

911 Property Addressing
It has been brought to our attention that there are many properties that still do not have 911 address signs posted. Having your address displayed will help emergency personnel such as firetrucks, ambulance and law enforcement identify your home or property in case of an emergency. For your own safety please see that a sign showing your 911 address is displayed properly. 


  A year ago, 300 email addresses in the BP database were surveyed with over 100 responses. The top topics of interest turned out to be poor internet, boat trailer parking, the relationship of organizations behind the gate, and the budget process.  The interest for better internet resulted in establishing an Internet Committee which is pursuing broadband for BP.  See the Internet Committee blurb elsewhere in the Newsletter. The other topics will be addressed via emails from the BP Office. Email surveys can be an effective communication tool between the constituents and the Bear Paw Boards. It takes a coordination of developing the survey instrument, distribution to the constituents, replies by the constituents, and action by the Boards based on the inputs. So far, it has worked well.  Stay tuned for more surveys in the future as we all work to maintain…no…to better the great Bear Paw we love today.
 —Steve Jones

 BPPOA/CAC 2021/2022

 Well another year is almost over.  Our 2021 year was well attended at every function thus far.  We have one left this year, and that is, the "Lighting of the BP Entrance" Friday, November 29th at 3:00 pm to be followed by a Cocktail hour to Welcome the Christmas holiday!  We ask that you bring any white lights you may not need anymore and your favorite cocktail and an Hors d'oeuvre.
    Next year promises to be another fun filled year with functions, and dates to be announced in the Spring newsletter.
    Please continue to support your BPPOA/CAC by coming to the functions, and we welcome anyone who would like to help in any way.  You can call or e-mail Maraya Magness at
    Also, four members of the board will be ending their 2nd - 2 year term and therefore, will need candidates to replace them.  Please start considering running for a 2 year term and let Emily and/or Mitch know your intentions.

Lydia and Maraya and the rest of the CAC team, wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Yea

Bear Paw Ladies Auxiliary

BPLA 2021 Reflection of Success

We have had a tremendous year for accomplishing things. None of which have been done without a strong community effort supporting our annual garage sale and projects.
 1. Welcome committee: Maraya and Lynda did a fabulous job of putting together our “New Comer’s” cocktail party and working hard on getting the directories made.

 2. Gardens: Peggy Snaider has created & maintained our beautiful garden here in front of our upstairs entrance to the Pavilion. Rena orchestrated our “Garden Party” cleanup in August. The group of volunteers cleaned up and mulched the Fire Dept. grounds. Lynda Jacobs maintains the garden by the mailboxes.
Keeping the landscape beautiful by their vision with the assistance of volunteers has made a big difference.

 3. Free Library: Through the efforts lead by Brenda this year, the exercise equipment was removed and we now have a children’s library. Our books are in order and we have maintained a welcoming space for our residence to read or take home books. Many thanks to Brenda and her helpers. Please note; Brenda was instrumental in getting an AED placed at the pavilion thru her persistence and the kind contributions of many.
4. Hiwassee Dam School: Peggy spearheaded the teacher assistance program for all the teachers at Hiwassee Dam school, which has been appreciated by many. We reimbursed the teachers for requested out-of-pocket expenses.
5. Fence Lamps: Caroline Elkins presented and headed up the completion of the new “fence” lights at the Bear Paw entrance. We replaced the old lamps and now have a brighter entrance.
6. Garage Sale: We were able to put together another successful Garage Sales. Thanks to the high amount of volunteers, those who donated, keeping up with storing merchandise during the year, the many hands and strong backs that moved items around, pickle ball player who set-up the tables, the pricers, the sign placers, the add makers, the money handlers, the appetizer and drink makers, etc. we made money and had FUN doing it. This, of course, is how we are able to complete our projects.
All Ladies in Bear Paw are welcome to join.
Look for our scheduled Spring Luncheon meeting in 2022 on the web.
Thanks to you all on behalf of BPLA, Tricia




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