Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter
Annual Meeting of the Bear Paw Property Owners Association and Election
The annual meeting of the Bear Paw Property Owners Association (BPPOA) is May 27,2023 at 11:00 a.m. at the Bear Paw Clubhouse.  The proposed agenda includes discussion of last, current, and next year’s plans/activities and election of directors for the BPPOA board.  You may vote in person or by proxy, a copy of which is enclosed in this newsletter.  If you vote by proxy, fill out the form completely and ensure it is filed with the BPPOA Secretary before the meeting or mail your proxy to 60 Village Rd. Murphy, NC 28906.  Please clearly and largely write “PROXY” on the outside of the envelope.  Any remaining proxies may be presented to the election official at the time of the meeting.  Remember that there is only one (1) vote per lot regardless of the number of co-owners and that taxes must be current on the lot for the vote to be counted.
Three directors will be elected at this meeting.  A director must be a BPPOA property owner in good standing throughout his/her term in office, must be 21 years of age or older, and can serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms.  Any qualified member may officially declare their candidacy at the meeting.  BPPOA directors will be submitted to the Cherokee County Commissioners to become Bear Paw Service District Directors.  If you are interested in running for a position on the board, please send a brief biography to the Bear Paw Office via email to admin@bearpawnc.com.  The following candidates have expressed a desire to be involved with the operations of Bear Paw and will be running for the board:
Bart Hamburg: Current board Vice Chairman seeks re-election
Linda Hughes: Current board Chairman seeks re-election
Mark Ackerman:
I have been married to my wife Pam for 43 years. We have two children (Hannah and Rickey), and our beautiful granddaughter Olivia. We are members of Salem Baptist Church in Dalton, GA. Our first visit to Bear Paw was 15 years ago with some friends and we purchased our home 12 years ago. I am a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Textile Chemistry. In 2019 I retired from Shaw Industries in Dalton, GA after a 36 year career with Shaw. I was blessed to hold many leadership positions before retiring as Senior Vice President. I have already served 4 years on the BP Board, as Chair one of those years. I currently serve as a HOA Board Member in our condo association in Chattanooga, TN. My core values are honesty, integrity, commitment, and hard work.
Arthur Lecours:
I will run as a candidate in the upcoming election. I have been a resident of Bear Paw since 1999. I am a Graduate of Young Harris College and Kennesaw State University. I recently retired after a 35 year career with UPS, where the majority of my career was spent as Director of Global Accounts Sales. My wife Christy and I have two daughters, Cassidy and Jenna. They were raised largely behind the gate of Bear Paw, nearly every weekend. I have previously served on the board as Secretary and am willing to serve again to ensure that Bear Paw continues to thrive. I would fiercely protect existing amenities, bylaws and covenants. In doing so I would work collaboratively with other board members and members of the POA to identify reasonable solutions that are in the best interests of the majority.
John Stockard:
My name is John Stockard and my wife Kim and I have owned various properties in Bear Paw since 2003. I retired this year and I am spending much more time in Bear Paw than during my career. I feel like I have time to spend with helping out in our great community. I was self employed most of my working career so I do know what it takes to run a business. We have owned three cottages, a lot, and now a home in Bear Paw. When we owned a cottage I served on the board as VP and President. I have also served on the board of directors at a bank. My wife currently serves on our HOA board in our community in Ooltewah, Tn. We love the communities that we have the privilege to live in. If elected, I will serve you the tax payers to the best of my ability. I would appreciate your vote.

Property Report
Update on Pool
The board was able to get the significant leaks in the pool patched on March 24th, 2023.  The patches have been holding, so we proceeded with fixing the mandatory items in the pump room that needed repair.  As of the writing of this article, the repairs were still ongoing.
The next step is to get the pool inspected by the County to allow us to open the pool.  This inspection takes place each year in May.  We continue to have some “grandfathered” items with the pool however these alone have not been enough issues to prevent the pool from opening in the past. 
While the pool remains in a state with many issues that need to be addressed, we are focused on the main issues that might prevent the pool from opening this summer.  We are hopeful that the pool with pass the inspection and be open again for the 2023 season.
Pool Keys
The pool keys that are issued can be used to open the gate to the pool as well as the clubhouse door leading to the bathrooms.  The keys are issued on a basis of one (1) key per property.  When ownership of the property changes the key must be left for the new property owner.  If that is not possible, you may leave the key at the Bear Paw Office for the new owners.

Last June the Service District bought new keys.  Of those keys, we only have four (4) keys remaining.  We have not had many new property owners during that time.  These keys are expensive.  Our policy has been to charge $50 for a replacement key.  This includes instances when the prior owner of the property does not leave the key behind for the new owner. 
As most residents are aware, the County decided to remove the dumpsters that were located on Hiwassee Dam Access Road across from the entrance to Bear Paw.  When we called the County they said the primary reason the dumpsters were removed is that there was too much garbage that was not household garbage (e.g. construction materials, mattresses, toilets, couches, etc.).  Household garbage is defined as only the garbage from garbage cans in your house.
The Bear Paw Board found a solution for the garbage which was superseded by an offer from TVA to allow Bear Paw residents to use their dumpsters behind the Bear Paw gate at no cost to Bear Paw residents.  Thank you, TVA!!  
There are two dumpsters located below the water tower.  For Bear Paw residents to continue having access to these TVA dumpsters we must all follow the usage requirements. The enclosed dumpster with the doors is for household garbage only.  The open dumpster is for larger household items.  DO NOT put any construction garbage in these dumpsters or allow your contractors to do so. TVA has stated they will revoke our access or remove the dumpsters if they are abused or contain any inappropriate garbage such as construction waste.  It is important to put the correct garbage in the correct dumpster.  Household garbage should only be put in the enclosed dumpster and the doors should remain closed.  Not only will this reduce the likelihood of wildlife getting into the garbage, it will keep costs as low as possible for TVA.

The TVA-provided dumpsters are located near the water tower on Overlook Drive.  To access the dumpsters, proceed up Overlook Drive toward the water tower.  Just beyond the gravel road to the water tower is a gravel road with a yellow gate.  Take that gravel road to the end and you will find two dumpsters. 
Please be courteous on your way to the dumpsters.  Observe the 20 mph speed limit and try not to disturb your neighbors who live along the route to the dumpsters.  Thank you!

Bear Paw Service District Tree Cutting
During the winter of 2022-2023 BPSD had planned to cut tree limbs near the road.  With the clearing that was done by TVA and Tri-State, additional cutting by BPSD was not required.  BPSD is only allowed to remove trees or tree limbs within the roadway easement.  BPSD is not allowed to cut trees that are on private land outside of the easement.  If a tree needs to be cut you must contact the property owner and ask them to either cut the tree, or authorize in writing that you may cut the tree.  All tree cutting must following the BPSD Tree Ordinance for members of the BPPOA.

During the winter BPSD cut dead trees within the BPSD easement.  We focused on the trees most likely to fall into the road.  We also cleared numerous trees that fell into the roads during the winter storms. 

Water Supply in Bear Paw
The water system in Bear Paw is owned and managed by Utilities, Inc. (formerly Carolina Water). BPSD does not have any involvement in providing the water to Bear Paw residents.  The BPSD was notified by Utilities, Inc. on April 21,2023 that they do not have enough water supply for any new builds to occur in Bear Paw.  Utilities, Inc. has invested a substantial amount of money to drill two (2) new wells within Bear Paw.  Unfortunately, those wells do not provide enough continuous water flow to meet an increase in demand.

For this reason, BPSD was advised to not issue any additional new house build permits.  Water is required for any house to be built and obtain a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) in Cherokee County.  We worked closely with Utilities, Inc. to ensure that houses that have already been issued a permit by BPSD and have begun work, will be allowed to finish their builds and have access to water if they follow Utilities, Inc.'s process.  If you have any questions about whether your proposed build will have water, please contact Utilities, Inc. directly.

If you wish to build a structure that will not require any additional water (for example: an attached garage or a retaining wall) please contact the office and complete the zoning certificate application.  BPSD will still process and approve these activities that meet the zoning and do not require a new water tap.  As a reminder, once a zoning permit is issued by BPSD you have six (6) months to being work, and one (1) year from beginning work to complete the build.  Any work that is not begun or completed within that timeframe must reapply for the zoning permit.

BPSD continues to await a confirmed timeframe from our paving company to complete the agreed upon road work.  We expected the road work to be done in March but inclement weather and scheduling issues have delayed the work.  At this time we anticipate the paving to be done by the end of May.  We are focused on fixing as many of the issues with the paved roads as we can with the budget available.

Blue Outgoing Mailbox
A couple of weeks ago someone attempted to put a package into the blue outgoing mailbox beside the bulletin board at the mailboxes.  The package was too large for the mailbox and got stuck and jammed the mailbox so that it could not be used.  This outgoing mailbox is provided by the Postal Service.  When the Postal Carrier arrived to collect the outgoing mail they explained that this box is for our convenience and is not required to be placed within Bear Paw.  They further explained that if anything happens to the box and it becomes unusable or requires repair, it will be removed and not be replaced.

Only small and slim letters should be placed in the blue mailbox.  Any other larger correspondence or packages must be brought to the Post Office.  Please respect the Post Office's rules so we may continue to have the benefits of an outgoing mailbox within Bear Paw.

Email Communications
The technology (MailChimp) used by Bear Paw to send emails such as this newsletter has a limit to the number of email addresses to which emails may be sent.  The technology will only send to 500 recipients and only send emails twice a month.  When we updated the email list prior to sending this email we were considerably over the 500 email limit when all emails listed for a property were entered.  For this reason we are only sending email communications to the primary address on the information sheet at the office.  This email recipient will need to communicate pertinent information to the other property owners of their lot. 

If you have submitted an information form to the office and have provided a primary email address for us to use, we have an email in the distribution list to receive email communications from BPSD.  However, MailChimp has designated some of these email addresses as unusable or invalid.  The emails were either previously "unsubscribed" or have too many "bounce backs" so MailChimp will not deliver to these email addresses.  If your property does not have a person receiving these emails, please contact the Bear Paw office to determine what email address can successfully receive the Bear Paw emails.

BPSD can address the issue of this technology and determine if another technology is available at a price point that is affordable next fiscal year.

Better Broadband for Bear Paw
To date the Better Broadband for Bear Paw Committee has been unsuccessful in obtaining high speed fiber optic internet availability for Bear Paw. We have been successful in getting The Cable Company, a local fiber cable internet provider, to include Bear Paw in their application for state/federal funding to provide high speed internet service to this area. Unfortunately, their application was not approved in the first round of funding but The Cable Company is comfortable in the quality of their application and is optimistic for a favorable outcome in the next round. Federal and state rollout of this program has been problematic which has delayed future funding decisions, but The Cable Company is hopeful for more information in the Summer. The Committee remains in frequent contact with the leadership of The Cable Company.
Steve Jones
Better Broadband for Bear Paw Committee
Bear Paw Craft Fair July 3, 2023
The Annual Bear Paw Craft Fair will be held on Monday July 3rd, 2023. The hours will be from 9am to 12pm and we certainly hope you will plan to join us and display your talents. Last year we had an estimated crowd of 150-170 guests and we’re hoping for a larger crowd in 2023. As always, we are looking to expand and improve our activities for the children and are looking for volunteers to assist with these events. If you or someone you know would be interested in exhibiting, please lets us know. Thanks in advance for your participation. Bob and Kara Cowdrick, Bear Paw Craft Fair Co-Chairs, bcowdrick@comcast.net or 678-215-5276
Community Action Committee (CAC) 2023
The CAC have put together an entertaining venue for this year!.

May 26th we have planned the fun and entertaining Cocktail Bingo Party. This event is kid friendly too ,we will have drinks for them. July 2nd will be the all time favorite…Bar B Que Supper .Which includes the silent auction and 50/50. This year we will start at 6:00pm so you will have time to get off the lake. September 3rd we will have another Bingo Cocktail Party. And, October 14thwe’ve planned the 7th annual Chili Cook off contest .Bring your favorite chili for all us to taste and vote. Ending the year, will be the Christmas decorating event. All of the events that have been planned will have fliers( with the details) posted through out the common areas.

All of these events generate monies, by Silent Auction,50/50, Raffles and Bingo. The monies and donations ,enable us to put on these events. Please bring money to all of the events!
Just a note about the VOLUNTEERS… move those heavy tables around, bring out the long tables, set up microphones etc. ,they clean the tables for you, decorate, sometimes prepare food and drinks, do the shopping for the events ,get items and setup the silent auction (involves more than you think), walk around collecting money for 50/50 and CLEAN up! When you see a volunteer, thank them for making Bear Paw a fun place to live!! And,of course, volunteers are always needed!!

WE thank everyone for participating and donating . We hope you’ll plan to come out, get involved and enjoy the fun!!

Your CAC Volunteers:
Maraya Magness, Lydia Kennedy, Tricia (Gene) Swiger, Lynda (Dave) Jacobs, Lois(Tom) Huntington, Kathy (Mark) Mansfield , Beth (Don) Lucchesi, Marie Wang, Meg ( Steve) Smith. (The men help us do the heavy work)
Bear Paw Live 2023
The Bear Paw Live Committee is thrilled to announce the 2023 concert series:
May 28 – Michael Hulett
July 1 – Baby Gray
August 5 – 120 East Band
May 28 - Michael Hulett Memorial Day weekend on SUNDAY. Saxophonist and Vocalist. Michael plays and sings it all, and his music is smooth and danceable. A favorite for many years, we are very excited to welcome him back to the Bear Paw Live lineup !! This concert will be early in the season so mark you calendars now, and note the change of day for this event……Sunday ! You won’t want to miss this concert.
July 1 - Baby Gray Bobby, Michelle and Jimmy are back by popular request to entertain us again. Coming from Tallahassee, Florida, Baby Gray is a great variety band playing music for all ages. Wear your dancing shoes if you like to dance, they will surely have you up moving ! They will open the show with something patriotic so arrive early.
August 5 - 120 East From Atlanta, This ten piece band with 4 vocalists, 3 piece horn section, guitar and rhythm section was a hit in 2022, so we are bringing them back for another night of great entertainment and dancing. They are a variety band with a big sound ! Whether listening or dancing, you will want to hear this band.
We are happy to announce NO price increase for 2023 season. Advance tickets can be purchased from Connie Bohl. Reach her by phone or 239- 269-7925 or email cbohl4@gmail.com. Checks should be made payable to Connie Bohl and dropped off at 801 Village Road.
$12.00 in advance
$15.00 at the gate
$5.00 children under age 13
All concerts will begin at 8:00 PM at the pavilion, and end at 10:30 PM. BYOB and bring your own lawn chair. No pets please.

We will have a tip basket for each group of entertainers, so if you enjoy the music, please show your appreciation and support their travel expenses.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to a great Bear Paw Live Season in 2023 ! Quality entertainment, fellowship and fun !
The Bear Paw Live Committee: Connie Bohl, Cheryl Dover, Beth Lucchesi, Kathi Mansfield, Tricia Swiger, Ginger Webster, and chair-person Pam Mueller.
Bear Paw Ladies Auxiliary
Together we make things better. We collectively decide our goals for the year and commitment as a team to accomplished many things.
Be apart of the discussion at our first annual luncheon meeting Thursday, June 1st.
Thursday, June 1st 2023
11:30 am
Upstairs in the Clubhouse
Everyone brings a salad/dish to share.  Drinks and dessert provided

Planning meeting to follow:  Please RSVP: 828- 644-0835 or swigtricia@gmail.com

We are gearing up for our annual “BPLA Garage Sale “. Meg Smith is our chairman for the sale this year.
Friday, August 28th at 3 pm is the set-up date followed by the volunteer shopping cocktail party. Enjoy appetizers and a cool drink while you are the first to shop.

Saturday, Aug. 29th is the garage sale from 8 to noon.

All proceeds are spent to our goals.
We need lots of volunteers! “ Many hands make light work” so sign-up for a fun and rewarding experience!

Our many thanks to all of you who have donated items and have volunteered to help make this event a success year after year.
BPLA Ladies

Proxy for the 2023 Election of Directors
To the Bear Paw Property Owners Association
Board of Directors
I give (print name of person receiving the proxy) ____________________________ my proxy to vote at the May 27, 2023 Bear Paw Property Owners Association meeting, or at any adjournment thereof, for the election of directors, on any other issues or matter raised at the meeting and to act on my behalf in any other business as if I personally was present.  This proxy revokes all previous proxies.
I certify that I am the owner, or duly authorized representative of multiple owners, of __________ lot(s) (indicate number of lots) located in the Bear Paw Service District and part of the Bear Paw Property Owners Association, and that all taxes have been paid on this/these lot(s).
I have executed this proxy this _____ day of _____________, 2023
Owners Signature:  ____________________________________
Print Owners Name:  ___________________________________
List the Section, Block, and lot number(s) included in this proxy (add additional lines as needed):
Lot 1:  _____________________       Lot 7:  _____________________
Lot 2:  _____________________       Lot 8:  _____________________
Lot 3:  _____________________       Lot 9:  _____________________
Lot 4:  _____________________      Lot 10: _____________________
Lot 5:  _____________________      Lot 11: _____________________
Lot 6:  _____________________      Lot 12: _____________________
Proxies may be mailed to:  BPPOA Secretary, 60 Village Rd. Murphy, NC 28906 or brought to the BPPOA meeting which begins at 11:00 a.m. on May 27, 2023.
Please clearly and largely write “PROXY” on the outside of the envelope. Type your paragraph here.


  Type your paragraph here.

Type your paragraph here.

                              BEAR PAW Fall/Winter Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                January 2023      

Annual Meeting of Bear Paw Property Owners Association

In May, the Bear Paw Property Owners Association (BPPOA) elected new officers to replace those with expiring terms. The Cherokee County Commissioners subsequently appointed the Directors, new and continuing, as Bear Paw Service District (BPSD) Board members.  The BPPOA and BPSD board titles are as follows:

                                      BPSD                                           BPPOA

Linda Hughes**          Chairman                                      President

Bart Hamburg**          Vice Chairman                              Vice President

Tiffany Williams**        Finance Officer                             Treasurer

David Elliott*               Assistant Finance Officer              Assistant Treasurer

Bob Cowdrick*            Secretary                                      Secretary

Stan Wise*                  Assistant Secretary                       Assistant Secretary

Terry Miller***              Director                                         Director

          *First Year       **Second Year            ***Third Year

Bear Paw Service District 2022-2023 Calendar of Meetings

Saturday, July 2, 2022                             Organizational Mtg & Regular Meeting

Saturday, October 22, 2022                    Regular Meeting

Saturday, March 25, 2023                       Regular Meeting

Saturday, May 13, 2023                          Budget Hearing

Saturday, May 27, 2023                          Regular Meeting        

All meetings will be held at 9:00 am at the Bear Paw Clubhouse located at 60 Village Rd. Murphy, NC 28906, unless otherwise posted.

Saturday, May 27, 2023 @ 11:00 am BPPOA Annual Meeting at the BP Clubhouse.                      
All other BPPOA Meetings will be held 10 minutes after BPSD Regular Meetings adjourn.

Chairman’s Report – January 2, 2023

     It has been a very interesting first six months as the Chair of the BPSD and BPPOA.  The new board began their terms with a lot of open items to be addressed.  This is the primary reason the “Fall” newsletter is getting sent out in January.  I apologize for the lateness of this newsletter.
     I first want to thank the outgoing board for all their help transitioning the new board into their roles.  The entire board was helpful and shared valuable information.  Jerry Pezzella and Lydia Kennedy spent countless hours being sure we understood our roles and have been very valuable to us during the transition.  They both remain a terrific resource for me, particularly as I face situations with which I am not familiar.  Thank you to the previous board for all the historical information and advice you have and continue to provide.
     As you may be aware, we began this fiscal year with no office staff.  Our first order of business was to fill these open positions.  We were very fortunate to be able to re-employ Emily Bryant as our bookkeeper.  She has been a great help to us and keeps us all organized concerning the financials.  We also got extremely lucky when Lydia Kennedy agreed to take the position of office administrator.  Lydia began as a temporary contractor and converted to an employee in August.  She has made tremendous strides in organizing the office and is a terrific resource to the entire Bear Paw community.  The last office position we filled was property and grounds supervisor which Chucky Lovingood assumed.  Chucky has been a great help and you can read more about his accomplishments in the property report later in this newsletter. Our final new hire was Tina Davis who assumed responsibility for pool maintenance.  Turns out, she had these responsibilities years ago.  Her knowledge has been very helpful as we have faced numerous issues with the pool.  I’m sure everyone is happy to no longer see me swimming around in the pool trying to clean it!  Welcome and a big “Thanks” to all the new hires!
     The guards and Claude remain steady employees whom we count on every day.  They are a tremendous asset to Bear Paw.  We had a guard resignation due to family obligations and were very fortunate to have Christy Davis approach us at almost the same time to see if we needed any guard help.  What luck!  Christy has been doing a great job and has been very flexible with her schedule.  We also are fortunate that Julie Escarceza has returned as a fill-in guard.  A big “Thank You” to all the guards and Claude!
     It has been a very busy year and I thank the current board for all their help and support.  Every board member took the role knowing we had a lot of work to do and did not hesitate to volunteer to take on additional responsibilities to until we could hire staff.  They are a great help to me and to the service district and property owners.
     Lastly, I’d like to thank the property owners for their patience and support as we started the new fiscal year.  It’s been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

Here’s to a great 2023!


   Property Report

     Chucky Lovingood assumed the role of property and grounds supervisor in August.  He has worked seamlessly with Claude Hughes to maintain our property and grounds.  Chucky began his work by doing a complete assessment of all our buildings and BPSD grounds.  We now have a list of everything that needs to be fixed, have preventive maintenance done, or replaced.  Chucky began conducting monthly preventive maintenance checks on all grounds and buildings in September.  These efforts only take a couple of hours and have let us avoid some costly repairs.

     We also use the list of work that is needed to determine monthly projects to be completed.  So far Chucky and Claude have accomplished the following projects, in addition to their regular monthly responsibilities:

Replaced non-working lights at the mailboxes
Rebuilt the decaying stairs from the pavilion to the ground by the old pump room
Identified all dead trees on BPSD land or easements
Began taking down dead trees that are in danger of falling on the roads
Made minor repairs to the playground equipment
Make minor repairs to the clubhouse
Many other smaller projects

     The service district also wants to acknowledge and thank the BPPOA Ladies Auxiliary for the great work they have done on the grounds around the entrance, guardhouse, and pool.  These areas were in desperate need of weeding and planting and the work the Ladies Auxiliary has done looks beautiful!

There are many other areas of the property, and a summary of these areas is included below.


     The pool is now 50 years old and is showing its age.  Efforts over the years have been made to keep the pool operating however many issues with the pool exist.  Some of these issues have been known for years, but the time has come that they must be resolved with a longer-lasting solution.
An existing leak was confirmed as the source of many issues with the pool in the last six months.  We managed to keep the pool open for the entire 2022 season, but the leak has gotten worse.
Numerous issues remain with the pool pumps, filters, and pump room.  Significant time and money have been spent to keep the pumps running and more expense is expected.
Water quality was difficult to maintain all summer.  The cost of chemicals and labor has been more than expected. 
Due to the age of the pool, it is not up to current code.  The pool is inspected twice a year by the county, and we are issued demerits based on not being up to current code.  We have been able to pass the inspections and open the pool if we do not modify the pool in any way.  This means that any work done on the pool other than routine maintenance requires us to bring the entire pool up to code which is extremely expensive.  Fixing the current issues may require modifications to the pool.
A decision will need to be made regarding the pool and pool costs in the next months.  An extensive investment of funds and many months will likely be needed to resolve these issues.  At this time, it is highly unlikely the pool will be open for the 2023 season.
The board is aware of how important the pool is to many of our residents and their guests.  We are working hard to find a way to keep the pool open as much as possible and to not modify the pool unless it is absolutely necessary.  Unfortunately, with a 50 year old pool we have significant issues and finding an affordable solution is a challenge.
The board would like to obtain input from the community regarding the pool.  We will be sending a survey later this month with more information on the pool so that we can get your thoughts on the pool.  You may also submit your thoughts via an email to info@bearpawnc.com with an email title of “POOL THOUGHTS”. 


     An assessment of roads to be paved and fixed was completed and the final decision on roadwork will be made such that work can be completed this spring
Information was also gathered to define a multi-year approach to road maintenance.  This approach will be discussed in future board meetings.
     We have also requested an assessment of the drainage and culverts be conducted to enable BPSD to develop a maintenance plan for these areas.


     The HVAC system needs repairs to be made.  A temporary fix was put in place in October, but a permanent solution is needed.
The propane “fail over” system for the clubhouse is being revamped and installed to provide minimum heat to the clubhouse in the event of a power failure.
Dead trees were removed from behind that clubhouse that were leaning towards the clubhouse.

Better Broadband for Bear Paw

     The Better Broadband for Bear Paw Committee continues our effort to get Fiber to the Home (FTTH) internet available to all in Bear Paw.  We have worked closely with The Cable Company, a local internet supplier, to include Bear Paw in their application for federal grant funding to expand their FTTH coverage area.  Unfortunately, their grant application was not funded in the first round of allocations, but we remain hopeful it will be in the next round which should be “soon”; probably in the next few months.  The Cable Company and the Committee continue to pursue other funding methods in the meantime.

                                                                                                                                               Steve Jones, Chairman
                                                                                                                                               Better Broad Band for Bear Paw Committee
Driving in Bear Paw

As we all know, the roads in Bear Paw are very skinny and curvy with many “blind curves”. These roads must accommodate cars, trucks, delivery trucks, golf carts, and pedestrians and household animals.  Please be courteous and maintain the 20 mph speed limit and stay to the right side of the road.  It is much safer for our drivers, walkers, pets, and wildlife.

 We do have first responders living year-round and seasonally in Bear Paw.  If you see a vehicle with its flashers on, please allow them to safely pass as soon as possible.  They are responding to a fire, health, or other emergency in our area.

911 Property Addressing

It is very important that every property in Bear Paw has a 911 address with address signs posted.  Having your address displayed will help emergency personnel such as firetrucks, ambulance, and law enforcement identify your home or property in case of an emergency.  For your own safety, please ensure that a sign showing your 911 address is displayed properly.  If you are unsure of your 911 address or have any questions about displaying your 911 address, please contact Cherokee County 911 addressing at 828-837-3950.

Contact Information

Please be sure the BPSD office has up-to-date contact information for all property owners.  This information is beneficial to the service district in many ways.  We recently discovered a house was damaged during a storm and found we did not have current contact information to let the owners know.  Please update your information by either coming by the office to fill-out a property owner information form, or emailing any changes in your phone number, email, or mailing address to info@bearpawnc.com.  Thank you!

Discharging Firearms and Bows & Arrows in Bear Paw

As a reminder, according to the Forest Service, in North Carolina discharging of a firearm (including a bow and arrow) is prohibited in or within 150 yards of a developed recreation site, a residence, or any place where people are likely to be.  This description applies to the majority of the land in Bear Paw.  If there is land in Bear Paw that does not meet this description, then you must obtain written permission from the private landowner to hunt on their property ONLY and must still obey the 150 yard regulation.

Additionally, the land under the TVA power lines is owned by Bear Paw.  TVA has an easement that applies to this land, but it remains Bear Paw land.  As such, no hunting or other discharge of firearms (including bows and arrows) may take place under the power lines or on any other Bear Paw Service District land.  The sign at the gate posts that hunting is not allowed on these lands.

Zoning Reminder

If your lot is part of BPPOA, then you are subject to the BPSD zoning requirements.  The zoning regulations include both a building section and a tree ordinance.  This means that before you can begin working on your land to build a house, make improvements, or work on any other structure, you must contact the Bear Paw office and schedule an appointment with the zoning administrator.  The office administrator can provide you with the necessary forms to begin this process.

If you need to cut down trees on your lot for any reason (including to build, dangerous or dead trees, etc.) you also must follow our tree ordinance.  The easiest way to do this is to contact the Bear Paw office and get further information about the tree ordinance.  You may also schedule a meeting with the zoning administrator to discuss your tree concerns.

If you do not have a copy of the zoning ordinance, you can either review it on the Bear Paw website or contact the office to obtain a copy.  Thank you for proactively participating in the zoning process.

                                                           Community Action Committee (CAC)

     The Bear Paw Property Owners CAC had another successful year!  We had a great turnout of participants and volunteers at all our activities.
     Many thanks to Kathi Mansfield and Beth Lucchesi for taking the lead for an awesome Memorial Day Bar-B-Que.  We had more than 80 residents attend and made over $1000.00 in proceeds from the Bar-B-Que dinner, silent auction, and the 50/50
This year we held two Bingo Cocktail Parties and made over $200.00.  Thank you to David Dempsey and his son for their help getting the punch just right!
     Our heartfelt thanks to all our community who came, participated, and donated through the 50/50s, T-shirt sales, silent auction, etc.  Without your support all these events could not have taken place.  All the money made is put right back into paying for the events.

The schedule for next year’s events include:

Bar-B-Que on July 2nd
Bingo Cocktail Parties on May 26th and September 2nd
Craft Fair on July 3rd (see below for more information)

     Please go to bearpawnc.com for the full event schedule for 2023 since event dates may change.
We are always looking for more volunteers.  We hope you’ll plan to come out, get involved, and enjoy the fun!

Your CAC Volunteer Leaders,
Maraya Magness, Lydia Kennedy, Tricia Swiger, Lynda Jacobs, Lois Huntington, Meg Smith, Marie Wang, Kathi Mansfield, Beth Luccheshi

                                                              Bear Paw Craft Fair (July 3, 2023)

The annual Bear Paw Craft Fair will be held on Monday July 3rd, 2023.  The hours will be from 9am to 12pm and we certainly hope you will plan to join us and display your talents.  Last year we had an estimated crowd of 150-170 guests and we’re hoping for a larger crowd in 2023.  As always, we are looking to expand and improve our activities for the children and are looking for volunteers to assist with these events.  If you or someone you know would be interested in exhibiting, please let us know. Thanks in advance for your participation.  

Bob and Kara Cowdrick, Bear Paw Craft Fair Co-Chairs

bcowdrick@comcast.net or 678-215-5276

                                                                  Bear Paw Ladies Auxiliary (BPLA)

     2022 was another great year for BPLA.  This group of amazing Bear Paw ladies has worked together to add value to Bear Paw and our surrounding community.  All the ladies of Bear Paw are welcome to join.  We have two luncheon meetings a year; one in spring and one in fall.  Plan to join us June 1st, 2023.

     Our annual garage sale was a super success this year with special thanks to Lois Huntington who headed up the event.  She took on the tie consuming task of coordinating the details and volunteers.  Lois and all of BPLA thank all the men and women who volunteered, donated, and supported our event.

      Our directory project headed by Maraya Magness has also proven to be of value by offering a local Bear Paw directory helping us to keep in touch with each other.  The directory is $5 and can be picked up in the Bear Paw office.  Being included in the directory is by choice.

We voted to support our community this year in several ways.
     “Adopt a Garden” program headed by Lynda Jacobs and supported by BPLA, BPSD, and BPPOA has taken on the task of beautifying some of our common areas.  Thanks to all the ladies who have adopted a garden.
     Your free library was created and is sustained by BPLA with the effort of many.  Special thanks to Brenda Jarvis who has been vigilant in overseeing this project.
     We distributed $850 to Hiwassee Dam School teachers by awarding $50 to each teacher requesting extra funds for projects they normally pay out of pocket.  Peggy Snaider has tirelessly set-up a request procedure and disbursement plan with the schools each year.
     Our thanks to Scooter Jones and Jean Murtaugh for their tireless handling of the finances, minutes, and voting.

Have a wonderful year,

Tricia Swiger


Bear Paw Live 2023

The Bear Paw Live committee is thrilled to announce the 2023 concert series.

May 28 – Michael Hulett

July 1 – Baby Gray

August 5 – 120 East Band

May 28 – Michael Hulett saxophonist and vocalist.  Michael plays and sings it all.  A favorite for many years, we are very excited to welcome him back to the Bear Paw Live lineup!!  This concert will be on Memorial Day SUNDAY, and early in the season so mark your calendars now!  You won’t want to miss this concert.

July 1 – Baby Gray  Bobby, Michelle, and Jimmy are back by popular request to entertain us again.  Coming from Tallahassee, Florida, Baby Gray is a great variety band playing something for everyone.  Wear your dancing shoes if you like to dance, they will surely have you up moving!

August 5 – 120 East  From Atlanta, this 10-piece band that includes a horn/brass section and vocalists was a hit in 2022, so we are bringing them back for another night of great entertainment and dancing.  They are a variety band with a big sound!

Ticket Prices
Despite rising costs for travel, thanks to your attendance it is possible to keep ticket prices the same.

$12 in advance by contacting Connie Bohl 828-644-5608
$15 at the gate
$5 for children under the age of 12

All concerts will begin at 8:00pm at the pavilion and end at 10:30pm.  BYOB and bring your own chair.  No pets please.

We will have a tip basket for each group of entertainers, so if you enjoy the music, please show your appreciation, and support their travel expenses.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to a great Bear Paw Live season in 2023!  Quality entertainment, great fellowship, and fun!
The Bear Paw Live committee:  Connie Bohl, Cheryl Dover, Beth Lucchesi, Kathi Mansfield, Tricia Swiger, Ginger Webster, and Chairperson Pam Mueller

Event Calendar for 2023                          

            26th      Bingo Cocktail Party                                                     5-7pm

            28th      Bear Paw Live!            “Michael Hulett” Concert          8-10:30pm

            1st        BPLA Luncheon meeting                                             11:30am

            17th      Community clean-up                                                    9am
            1st        Bear Paw Live!            “Baby Gray” Concert               8-10:30pm

            2nd       Bar-B-Que                   50/50 & Silent Auction             5-7pm

            3rd        Craft Fair                                                           9:30am-12:30pm

            4th        Golf Cart Parade                                               7/7:30 Take Off
            4th        Garage Sale set-up      Cocktail Shopping                  3pm

            5th        Garage Sale                 7am setup                              8am-12pm

            5th        Bear Paw Live!            “120 East” Concert                  8-10:30pm

            3rd        Bingo Cocktail Party                                                   5-7pm

            14th      Chili Cookoff               50/50                                       5-7pm

            25th      Christmas Decorating followed by Cocktail Party       3pm

                 Go to : Bearpawnc.com for updates and changes


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