Bear Paw Property Owners Association

This is your property owners association, members of this association are defined as persons that "own a lot within the Bear Paw Service District*. As a member you have certain priviledges and responsibilities. 

Privileges include: Use of all Bear Paw's facilities. 

Responsibilities include:

1. Voting for the Board members each year. The board members you elect become both the Service District (BPSD) and the property owners (BPPOA) board. Each board has a different function.

2. Voting on any changes to the "By-Laws" that may affect both boards. 

3. Voting on how "Property owner" funds are appropriated.

​BPPOA meetings are generally held after each Service District meeting with the exception of the voting for the board meeting that takes place the end of May. 

Note: See BPPOA By-Laws

Currently there are no dues for the BPPOA.  Funding is generated by donations, fund raisers and special events.

     The BPPOA sponsors most of the fun activities and events that take place here.  See "Activities and Special Events".  All paid for by your donations and produced by your community volunteers.

      The BPPOA board receives requests for funds each year from groups in Bear Paw like The CAC (Community Action Committee) and the BPLA (Bear Paw Ladies Association).  Each of these groups generally produce their own funds and finance the major part of the BPPOA budget. 

​So check out all we do under the BPPOA tabs.

 *Bear Paw Service District is a special tax district that functions under the laws of the state of North Carolina. Funded by your Bear Paw property taxes. If you pay these taxes you are a member of the BPPOA.