"Who is Who"            
BPSD:"Bear Paw Service District" is the governing body for the Service district. This is a governmental municipality in which your elected board is solely responsible for managing your tax funded budget under strict state and local regulations. 

BPPOA:"Bear Paw Property Owners Association" made up of all property owners in the Service District as voting members. Each members votes for the budget, bylaws and elect the BPSD board who also presides over the BPPOA meetings. There are no dues, funding is generated by donations and fundraisers coordinated by the CAC.

CAC:"Community Action Committee" was established by the BPPOA in 2016 as away to revitalize the BPPOA. They work with the community to request donations, handle fundraising, plan and execute events with requested funds members vote for.

BPLA: "Bear Paw Ladies Auxiliary" is open to all ladies in Bear Paw. They work together to add value to BP. Their annual Garage Sale funds all of their many projects i.e., purchasing tables, chairs, fans & creating the book library and history wall.

BP Live: "Bear Paw Live!" is a series of summer concerts presented for the entire Bear Paw community. It was started in 2014 and is planned and produced by a dedicated volunteer committee.  By attending the concerts, you ensure they can continue to be self-supporting.             

​​​Thank your Bear Paw neighbors for all that happens here!

     All these activities and special events were created and brought to you by Bear Paw volunteers working through the CAC of BPPOA.



CAC: Community Action Committee                Maraya/Lydia 

BPLA: Bear Paw Ladies Auxiliary                     80+ Bear Paw Ladies


    BPL:Bear Paw Live!                          

   Kathi, Beth and Ginger                                                                  

Marina Events                                               Mike & Mary

BPPOA: Bear Paw Property Owners Assoc.

All Bear Paw property owners

 Thank you for participating donating and volunteering!