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Proxy for the 2018 Election of Directors.pdf

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Proxy for the 2018 Election of Directors

To the Bear Paw Property Owners Association

Board of Directors

I give (print the name) ______________________________ my proxy to

vote at the May 27, 2018 Bear Paw Property Owners Association

meeting, or at any adjournment thereof, for the election of directors, on

any other issues or matters raised at that meeting and to act on my

behalf in any other business as if I personally was present. This proxy

revokes all previous proxies.

I certify I am the owner, or duly authorized representative of multiple

owners, of __________________ lot/s (indicate number of lots) located in

Bear Paw, and that all taxes have been paid on this/these lot(s).

Date: ________________

Owner’s Signature: ______________________________________

Print Owner’s Name: _____________________________________

Bear Paw Service District

60 Village Rd.

Murphy, North Carolina 28906