Who is the CAC?

The  "CAC" stands for Community Action Committee

A committee of volunteers who plan the social activities and assist with fundraisers and donation campaigns to fund them.  They work with the BPPOA to make things happen.


Our BPPOA has no dues and our BPSD  by law cannot use the tax funds for social activities. So a group of Bear Paw residence started the CAC to solve this shortfall. The CAC is open to all persons in Bear Paw including the other HOA members (cottages, condos etc.) whereas the BPPOA is for it's members only. This community-wide group works together to improve the whole Bear Paw world and offer additional experiences for all to enjoy.

You have seen the 2018 calendar of events?!

​That's what makes our Bear Paw Special...YOU!

Donate: We are requesting $25 donation a year

This would be made out to the BPPOA

Participate: Share your ideas and/or talents

Volunteers make it all happen

Being team leader for an activity makes it work

Advertising/communication keeps all informed

Working together makes it fun




Bear Paw Service District


*Other independent HOA's in Bear Paw include:

The Cottages

Trees I condos

Trees II condos

HlPO (Hiwasee Lakefront Property Owners


Zoning SEC 101

BPSD By-Laws

What is the relationship of Bear Paw Property Ownership Association (BPPOA) and Bear Paw Service District (BPSD)?

>BPPOA is like an HOA

     The BPPOA membership is composed of lot owners in Bear Paw Service District.  Each lot is allocated one vote for conducting BPPOA business. To vote a member must be current in their taxes and multiple owners of a lot must delegate one owner the right to represent their vote. The main business of the BPPOA membership is the elections of board members.  Each year in late  May either 3 or 4 new members are newly elected to the seven persons board which also becomes the Bear Paw Service District board after approval by the Cherokee County Commissioners.  The BPPOA Board conducts meetings (following the BPSD meetings) where the members can vote on such things as by-laws, social activities, how to appropriate funds. There are no BPPOA fees, it is funded through fundraisers, self-funding activities and donations by members.

>BPSD the governing body that maintains all financial and physical assets.

    The BPSD board is elected by members of the BPPOA, approved by the state of North Carolina and has all the rights of a state elected representative and must operate within the state laws/requirements. Only the board members have  voting privileges.  They are authorization to provide and /or maintain roads, common areas, recreational facilities.  provide for security, administer the budget, oversee all business affairs of the Service District, establish Zoning Ordinanes and provide other services required by the County or the State. The board has the sole right as your elected representatives to vote for any change including tax rates, may implement special assessments, user fees and other contract fees. They are required by law to have open regular meetings once a quarter and maintain all minutes and files. 

     Funds to accomplish these tasks come from personal property taxes leveled on owners within Bear Paw Service District and the agreed upon contributions from the other HOA's* in Bear Paw that enjoy the security and roads provided. 


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