Bear Paw Guidelines

                                          To keep us Safe and Happy !

Speed Limit is a maximum of 20 mph.  This is for the safety of everyone. In this unique community we have privilege to drive golf carts, bikes and other vehicles to which the speed limit applies.  There are many joggers, walkers and children playing.  The roads are narrow and there are many blind turns.

Fire Safety – Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires
       a.    Never burn open fires during dry conditions due to the risk of wildfires.                     Always attend any fire.
       b.    Fireworks that explode or project into the air are illegal in North Carolina             therefore illegal in Bear Paw.
       c.    Never a throw trash, cigarettes, hot coals or any incendiary material into             the woods.  Dispose of properly.

 Be courteous to your neighbors. Do not play Loud Music that would                 disturb your neighbors or others in common areas i.e. playground pool.

 Park in designated areas.  Do not block your neighbor’s driveway or              obstruct the roadways with vehicles or trailers.

Pool and tennis courts are available for property owners, their guests           and renters. No alcohol, no smoking and no glass containers around the                pool.  No climbing on the rocks or jumping off the to rocks or roof.  Bear Paw            will not be responsible for any injuries resulting from violations of these rules.

 Mountain View Marina closes at 7 p.m. in season and is closed Dec. thru                  March. There is no fishing or swimming allowed at the marina.

Keep our clubhouse clean and secure. Please turn off all lights and            lock the doors when you are the last one leaving .  Put tables and chairs back           where you found them and clean up after yourself.  Do not let unattended             children play inside.  Report any problems to the office 644-0808.

                May your time here be filled with happy memories.


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A Special Recreation and Service District Ratified by the State of North Carolina that formally services the common properties